Are water pearls safe

Whether you use them for play or for decorations, the beads will create a colorful display that is sure to be unforgettable.
Plus, you can reuse the pearls as often as you want and don't have to worry about them losing their color. They are simply the best on the market, guaranteed.
Need to fill a center piece? Use luxury water pearls for your decorations. Add a pop of color to your flower vase or make a special wedding or baby shower a little brighter. What better gift to a child than the gift of joy? These pearls are sure to keep you busy for hours and make you smile.
And let's face it, watering plants can be a tedious job. Add luxury water crystal beads to the floor or vase of your plant to enhance the
Maintain moisture and water your plants even when you are away.

They are easy to hydrate:
1.) Add a few hundred ml of water for every handful of dry pearls.
2.) Let the pearls soak in water for a few hours
3.) The pearls have absorbed most of the water. Drain the excess and use as desired. That's it, it's easy, safe, and most of all, they're great value!