What counts as internal Mexican food

Mexican restaurants

Eating and drinking in Mexican restaurants

There are a variety of different types of restaurants in Mexico. From the simpler Fonda, to lonches and tortas as fast food, taquerias as street stalls, omnipresent restaurant chains and fine restaurants for gastronomy of the highest demands.

Fonda or Cocina Económica

The cheapest place to eat is a Fonda or Cocina Económica, a family restaurant that is often run by women special lunch menus (comida dorrida or menu del dia). The first course is usually a soup, the second course can be rice or pasta, the main course usually contains a (cheap) piece of meat. Dessert is not part of the three-course menu, but is often served as a bonus.


Only a taqueria is served traditional mexican tacos. There is a wide variety of taquerias, from restaurants to simple bars and mobile street stalls. At the good stands, people crowd and shout their orders to the taquero. Here the businessman in a suit eats with the craftsman in work gear, the elegant university professor with the kiosk seller. The tacos are eaten with the hands, from cheap, colorful plastic plates. It is easy to drink straight from the bottle.

Tortería or Lonchería

A torta or lonche is one mexican sandwich, a bread roll divided in the middle, which is filled with various ingredients. An exquisite torta can be so packed that it is no longer quite bite-sized. A torta can be eaten cold or warm. The sandwiches are served in a tortería or lonchería, a restaurant for example in a market or at a street stall.

Beach and fish restaurants

A highlight of a beach stay are the direct ones restaurants prepared on the sandy beach. There are freshly and lovingly prepared fish dishes and seafood, such as shrimp, lobster, squid, squid and mussels ... à la mexicana, of course.

Restaurant chains

Meals in Mexican restaurant chains are affordable and offer a good selection of traditional Mexican dishes, as well as international cuisine. The main restaurant chains in Mexico are VIPS, Sanborns, TOKS and Wings. They have branches in most major cities. The establishments are open seven days a week, and many of them even offer a 24-hour service. The offer includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as simple snacks and cakes.

Classic restaurants

High quality restaurants can often be found in Mexico in historic colonial buildings or a cozy courtyard, where you can dine in an upscale, stylish ambience. The employees are elegantly dressed in white shirts or blouses or in typical traditional costumes. In addition to the countless local restaurants, there are also Italian, French, Chinese and German restaurants in larger cities.

Cantina the Mexican bar

A Mexican cantina has nothing to do with a canteen in German usage. A cantina is a traditional Mexican bar. The saloon swing doors are characteristic in the best Wild West manner. The interior is often kept simple, with plastic tables and chairs sponsored by breweries. Most of the time cantinas are withheld from men, it is not uncommon to drink heavily and the climate can be rough. Quite a few cantina-goers have already had their dinner here in the form of botanas (simple snacks).

Mexican restaurants in Mexico

In Mexico's second largest metropolis, Guadalajara, people are particularly proud of the local specialties and culinary traditions. You will find classic street food with the popular tacos and tortas, traditional and family-style restaurants through to upscale restaurants with a refined interpretation of regional cuisine. We'll show you the best Mexican restaurants in Guadalajara.

Mexican restaurants and bars in Germany

How authentic are Mexican restaurants in Germany and Switzerland? How credible does the food come from in Mexico? Are original ingredients used? Where do expats eat in Germany? Which bar has the largest selection of Mexican cervezas? Where can you enjoy high-quality tequilas and the best cocktails? The Planet Mexico team travels Europe and reports on the experiences made: