What should toddlers eat for breakfast?

Breakfast for the toddler

Breakfast ideas for babies and toddlers from 10 months

Whether as part of Baby Led Weaning or as breakfast for babies and toddlers - a colorful plate with snacks and fruit is suitable for babies from around 10 months of age.

A healthy breakfast for toddlers should be balanced and give them enough energy that they are fit to explore the world in the mornings ;-)
  • Whole grain bread, crisp bread or bread without salt
  • Spreads such as cream cheese, fruit cream cheese, (herb) butter, fruit puree
  • Cheese cubes as desired
  • fresh fruit in season
  • Mini tomatoes, cucumber slices, etc.

Our young children like to eat at breakfast Bread bites or crispbread. The healthiest types of bread you can offer your children are whole grain and rye bread. They contain valuable nutrients and, unlike white flour products, do not clump so quickly in the child's mouth. Our favorite spreads are cream cheese and herb butter. As a substitute for jam, I occasionally use fruit glasses - babies and toddlers love that and it doesn't contain any added sugar.

There is also a bread portion Cheese cubes. This is where the preferences of our three children differ. While two of them like it hearty and like mountain cheese, for example, our oldest only likes young Gouda.

With us, the breakfast plate is always completed by a portion fresh fruit in season. While the range for this includes berries and fruits in all colors and shapes in summer, the range in winter is limited to apples, bananas, citrus fruits and physialis.

With the help of small cookie cutters, you can easily shape cucumber slices and other fruit or vegetables into pretty shapes. Cucumber stars and hearts taste twice as good and even make our youngest really laugh.

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Bread cubes and pieces of banana are also great for practicing learning to eat with cutlery.
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