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Mewtwo is a Legendary Pokémon of the Psycho type and has existed since the first generation of the game.

As a legendary Pokémon it is in the games Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Fire Red, Leaf Green, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Let's Go, Pikachu! and let's go, Eevee! Available in the Azuria Cave, as well as in Pokémon X and Y. It also functions as the boss of the level in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Blue and Team Red and as the boss of the entire game in Ranger: Traces of Light.

In the anime it takes the lead role in the films Pokémon - The Film and Mewtwo Returns, but also has a brief guest appearance in the episode The Battle for the Earth Order. The Manga Pocket Monsters SPECIAL focuses on its creation and shows its special relationship with Pyro.

Mewtwo is a genetically modified clone of Mew and therefore forms a duo with it.

Since the sixth generation of the game, Mewtwo has been able to mega-evolve into one of two forms of Mega Mewtwo (depending on the mega stone being carried). In the case of a mega development with Mewtunit X, it is also given the combat type.


Appearance and build

Mewtwo's appearance is basically based on that of Mew, but its structure makes it much more humanoid. Mew's pink fur has given way to light purple skin and the significantly stronger tail, which extends into his stomach, is a purple shade. There are relatively humanoid hands and feet on his long arms and legs. However, it only has three fingers and suction cups can be seen on its fingertips and toes. Instead of ears, two horns can be seen on his head and the tube-like extension that connects the back of his head and back has not yet been assigned any function.

As a Mega Mewtwo X, his limbs are clearly reinforced with muscle cords and the suction cups on his body disappear. His legs in particular are now specially designed for jumps and kicks. A collar of muscles now appears on the shoulders, making it look even more massive. The previously long tail is now significantly shorter and more compact and is rolled up by the tip. His body becomes much more aerodynamic.

As a mega-Mewtwo Y it clearly loses its physical presence and is now much smaller and lighter. Its head looks significantly larger compared to the body and its tail is located on the back of the head, similar to a shooting star. His hands and feet are much smaller than before, but now they have huge, tentacle-like fingers and toes.

In its shimmering form, Mewtwo's tail and eyes are poison green. Mewtwo X's eyes are blue, whereas Mewtwo Y's eyes are red. All versions of Mewtwo have light, silvery skin tone.

Attacks and abilities

Mewtwo relies almost exclusively on his psychokinetic powers, which is why it uses special attacks in addition to status attacks. These include primarily attacks such as psychokinesis or his special attack psycho shock. By leveling up, it only learns a physical attack with Psycho Blade. Even with a total of 14 physical attacks in the 7th generation that it can learn using TM, its movepool is still very manageable in this damage class. Nevertheless, there are representatives of high damage areas such as earthquakes or stone edges. In contrast, as Mega Mewtwo X, it prefers physical attacks even after its enormous physical attack boost. In addition to the immense selection of strong, special attacks, Mewtwo is also able to learn a considerable number of status attacks.

It can use attacks such as ideas or protesters to increase its offensive status values ​​and also increases the associated defense value. A pure increase in an attack value is only possible for an Event Mewtwo through the Sinking Attack, which Mewtwo even doubles the already high special attack value. In the 1st generation, amnesia was used for this purpose, when there was still no separation between special attack and defense values. With a Wonder Eye it hits otherwise resistant dark-light Pokémon and with a will-o'-the-wisp it halves the opponent's physical attack by burning it. The gene mutant is also one of the few Pokémon that can learn the concentration attack. After they are used, the next attack of your own lands 100 percent a direct hit. Mewtwo defensively protects himself against status changes with white fog and a bodyguard, while with recovery he can regenerate half of his HP. And with the help of barrier, amnesia and protection exchange, it strengthens its defense values. A special status attack of Mewtwo is egotrip, which takes advantage of his enormous initiative and his excellent attack values. If the opponent selects an attack that inflicts damage, this is copied from Egotrip and carried out with 1.5 times the strength. However, this only works if the user acts in front of the opponent. This is especially effective against Pokémon that have a weakness against their own type, such as Dragon or Ghost Pokémon. A special feature of Mewtus Movepool, regardless of the damage class, is that it can learn attacks of all 16 other types with the exception of the dragon and fairy type.

The standard Mewtwo ability is Coercive. With this it doubles the opponent's AP consumption from attacks. His Megaform Y can no longer be put to sleep with the Insomnia ability, while his Megaform X increases the initiative by one level with the Rock Festival when Mega Mewtwo X shrinks. Unlike its mega forms, the normal mewtwo can still have the hidden ability tension. This prevents the opponent from using berries.

Backstory and legend status

Mewtwo is the result of years of unscrupulous gene experimentation, with anime and games being somewhat different here. In the anime, a team of researchers, financed by Giovanni, found an ancient stone slab in the Amazon jungle on which a mew is depicted. On closer examination it turns out that the eyebrow of a real mews has been worked into this stone slab, from which the DNA mews is then isolated and decoded in the research institute on New Island. The research team around its head Dr. Fuji decides not to reanimate Mew as originally planned, but to change the genetic code and thus create the most powerful Pokémon in the world. On the basis of this they create Mewtwo artificially in a test tube. But after Mewtwo wakes up and a subsequent fit of anger, it destroys the laboratory and the scientists are killed. This is where the plot of Pokémon - The Movie starts.

Mewtwo in the prologue to Pokémon the Movie

In the games and in the game-based Pokémon Origins, a team of researchers discovered Mew as a new species on July 5th of an unknown year on their study trip in a jungle. The location of this jungle varies between the language versions. In the German-language versions of the game, for example, he is in no man's land, while the location in English and Japanese is specified in Guyana, a state in South America. The scientists catch mew and take it to the research institute on Vermilion Island. There they manipulate Mew's genes so that, despite its status as a Legendary Pokémon, it gives birth to Mewtwo alive as a cub on February 6 of the following year. What happens to Mew after that is not known. In the period that followed, the researchers tried to control Mewtwo's powers, but they were soon unable to cope with his increasingly violent and uncontrollable outbursts of anger. During one of these outbursts of anger, Mewtwo sets the entire laboratory on fire, leaving only the ruin known as the Pokémon House. Mewtwo then flees and can later be found in the deepest interior of the Azuria Cave. Furthermore, it is indicated in several places that both Pyro and Mr. Fuji are connected to the Mewtwo experiment. And also the fact that Giovanni and Team Rocket are occupying the Silph Co. and want to take control of the prototype of the master ball there, could also be related to the events surrounding Mewtwo, also in conjunction with the anime.

As a Legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo does not have a special habitat. Nevertheless, it can be found in most of the games in the Azuria Cave. In general, there is a tendency for it to appear primarily in caves. This withdrawn way of life can be traced back to the emergence of Mewtwo, when it was endowed without a compassionate heart and thus has no problems with cold, secluded places.

In Pokémon X and Y, another Mewtwo appears in the secret dungeon near the Pokémon Village. However, it is unclear whether it is related to the events from the Kanto region or whether it is another copy. It is also unclear whether this Mewtwo is ultimately the reason why Galantho often leaves his arena and constantly, possibly out of concern, guards the Pokémon village.


Mewtwo, like most Legendary Pokémon, has no preliminary stage and is also unable to develop further. However, since the sixth generation of the game, it has been possible for him to use a Mewtunit X or a Mewtunit Y to mega-develop one of the two forms of Mega Mewtwo (depending on the mega stone being carried).

Origin and meaning of the name

Mewtwo is generally based on the appearance of Mews. Nevertheless, the artificial change in his body is clearly noticeable, which gives him the appearance of a mutant or an alien could give.

language Surname Possible origin of the name
German Mewtwo Taken from Japanese.
English Mewtwo Adapted from Japanese.
Japanese ミ ュ ウ ツ ー Mewtwomyō / mutant / mew / new + two
French Mewtwo Adapted from Japanese.
Korean 뮤츠 MyucheuTaken from Japanese.
Chinese 超 夢Chāomèngchāo + 夢 mèng

In the main games


In almost all games in which it is possible to enter the Kanto region, Mewtwo awaits as one or the strongest Pokémon deep inside the Azuria cave after the player has become a champ. Only in Pokémon Gold and Silver is it not catchable, as the cave here has collapsed and is therefore inaccessible.

In Pokémon X and Y, it takes on the role of the strongest Pokémon in the game together with Zygarde and the stationary Wanderpokémon.



Famous trainers

The following famous trainers own this Pokémon or have or had this Pokémon on their team: