Can I ever be forgiven for cheating?

Lovesickness, anger, and disappointment - it hurts to be betrayed by your partner. Hurts bad. Reason enough for many women to see the end of their relationship in cheating. How can you ever trust yourself again? And after such a misstep, a relationship can no longer work - or maybe it can?

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This is how you forgive an affair

Anyone who decides against separation and in favor of a partnership must be aware that forgiving is a long process. A one-time slip is of course forgiven faster than a long-term affair. No matter whether it is a few weeks, months or even years - how long it ultimately takes to forgive differs from person to person. Take the time you need to overcome your pain. Our tips are sure to help you:
You don't have to go through it alone! It helps a lot to talk to your best friend, or maybe even your mom, about what happened. Maybe this will give you new ways of thinking.
2. Talk to your partner
Even if it is difficult for you, ask your partner how this affair came about and why he hurt you so much. This is the only way you can understand him. Questions like "What does she have that I don't have?" usually do the opposite. The same goes for allegations and the unnecessary assignment of blame.
As mentioned at the beginning - forgiving takes time. Don't rush into everyday life as if nothing happened. Set your feelings free. They help you process.
4. Give your partner the chance
Now it is time to decide: Do you want to break up or do you want to forgive your partner? If you decide on the latter, you really have to give your partner a chance and - as difficult as it is often - let yourself go. If he can't do anything right in the end, this is the wrong way to go. Try to trust him even if it is difficult. Of course it is great when your partner supports you - but only YOU are able to restore your trust with your (positive) thoughts.
Very important: If you just can't forgive even after a long time and if the affair keeps coming up, it's time to seek help from a couple counseling service - or finally to draw a line.

Does he deserve a second chance?

Whether you want to give your partner a second chance is entirely up to you. If love has been lost in everyday life and in the routine, the slip could also have been a warning signal and you should try again together. It may sound strange, but maybe cheating was good for your relationship in this case.

Do you believe that time heals all wounds and that you will be able to trust it again at some point without jealousy & Co., this is also a good sign. Get rid of beliefs like "If you cheat once, you cheat again", even though studies from the University of Denver have unfortunately proven just that. A relationship can work again after an affair - but only if you really let it.

Very important: If he admits his mistakes and is willing to talk to you about his needs in the relationship, he deserves a second chance!

Reasons for cheating

In fact, there can be many reasons that drive someone into an affair and thus into infidelity. In fact, almost one in five Germans is cheating. It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman! Most of the time it is about a lack of sex, the feeling of not being loved properly and the escape from possible relationship problems. But also the well-known panic at the end of the gate and good opportunity create fraudsters.

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How do you know that your partner is cheating?

If a partner changes, he stays at work longer and longer and if he suddenly changes all the log-in data for his social media accounts, distrust usually rises. Adulterations and the constant danger of being caught doing it affect many fraudsters - if you catch him more and more often struggling with emotional fluctuations, you should definitely pay attention.