How can tachyons be recognized?

Chakra flower essences

Carola Lage-Roy has been working as a homeopath and Bach flower therapist for 25 years

Many years ago she came up with the idea that there would have to be new flower essences for today's consciousness. She discovered the first flowers ten years ago. These actually had an effect on other areas than the Bach flowers known to you. There are seven main energy centers in the body, also called chakras. They are also known as gates to consciousness. These ensure an optimal supply of energy.

If an energy center is disturbed, there is an inadequate supply and diseases can develop. The new flower essences have a direct effect on the chakras, i.e. on the causes of diseases in the energetic area. You bring that out of order and the blocked chakra back into the center. This impulse stimulates the self-healing powers. It is therefore a completely new method that is easy to use and impresses with its quick and lasting effect. An ideal complement to homeopathy and other naturopathic procedures.

Chakra flower essences also lead to an expansion of consciousness, so that pathogenic behaviors can be recognized and transformed. Man becomes more positive.

Tachyon energy

Tachyons are energy particles that build up and influence our entire being. Tachyon energy works in all biological systems and ensures harmony and order.

The energy cells get their properties through special methods. In the high-performance converter, these cells are charged with zero-point energy - zero-point energy is the energy that is still available when a physical space is cooled down to absolute zero (0 Kelvin). Zero point energy is also under the name cosmic energy, tachyon energy, creative power, chi, prana or divine mother known.

In order to charge the cells individually, various substances can be added to the converter in order to transfer their healing information to the Tachyon cell. This makes it possible to harmonize the affected systems in a targeted manner and to stimulate the self-healing powers.

The energy is released permanently and does not weaken. The disturbed structure takes the amount of energy it needs to restore its equilibrium.

"Courage is at the beginning of action,
Luck in the end. "