What does your coolness mean

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What is cool and when are you considered cool?

“You can't be cool at all” “You can only be rated as cool by others. When we think something is cool, we show our admiration.

But what exactly does the word “cool” actually mean? To clarify this, the Americanist Ulla Haselstein examines in her research how the term came about in the first place. The term originally goes back to slavery in the United States when blacks were oppressed by whites. “They had no way of defending themselves,” says Haselstein. “They were cool because they had to stay cool. Here the word is still meant in the sense of 'keeping a cool head'. "At that time, the term 'coolness' still stood for not showing one's feelings and pulling oneself together. The Beat Generation imitated and expanded this attitude in the 1950s: not showing anything and thus appearing superior.

We thought about what we think it's cool.

Exterior: Piercing, tracksuit, tattoos, selfie, cool clothes and a cool cell phone.

Activities: Shopping, watching Netflix in bed, graffiti, listening to music on headphones

Sports: Parcour, football, basketball,

Music: Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Schlager, Rap

School: Best Friend, Watching a Movie, Annoying Teacher,

Films & Series: The Walking Dead, Orange is The New Black, Prison Break, Harry Potter, Rapunzel, Frozen,