How do I increase the memory of IntelliJ IDEAs

How can I increase the IDE memory limit in IntelliJ IDEA on a Mac?

As of IDEA 15.0.4, you can use | use:

This will automatically create a copy of the file in the configuration folder and open an edit dialog box.

IntelliJ IDEA 12 is a signed application, so changing the options to is no longer recommended as the signature will not match and you will run into problems depending on your system security settings (neither does the app), or the firewall complains every time it starts, or the app cannot use the system keystore to store passwords.

As a result of addressing IDEA-9405, IDEA 12 introduced a new method for providing JVM options:

VM options and system properties can now be adopted.

For example, to use the - Xmx2048m you have to copy the original file from to. Then change the setting.

The final file should look like this:

Copying the original file is important as options not added but replaced become .

That way, your custom options will be preserved between updates and the application files will remain unchanged, which makes signature verification happy.

Community Edition : File is used instead.