What color are guide signs

Security colors

In addition to the characteristic geometric shape of the signs, safety colors are the main distinguishing feature of safety signs. In addition to the four symbol colors red, yellow, green and blue, there is also a dedicated black and white tone for displaying symbols and borders on safety signs.

Meaning of the colors


The signal red is used for both prohibition and fire protection signs. In the case of the round prohibition signs, it forms the edge and the characteristic diagonal line over black pictorial symbols, while in the case of fire protection signs it is used across the board and forms the background for the white symbols.

In addition, according to DIN 4066, there are also fire brigade signs in signal red, which are specially intended as an orientation aid for the emergency services.


Yellow triangles warn of possible dangers. In this way, people should behave in a safety-conscious manner and take appropriate precautions to avoid the dangers.


Green is the color of the escape signs, which on the one hand indicate the escape route in the event of danger and on the other hand the locations of first aid facilities.


Round blue signs are mandatory signs and prompt you to take action. If you are described, the imperative is almost always used: "Wear protective goggles!"

White and black

Safety colors in white and black should ensure good contrasts and good visibility of the symbols on the signs. The color white can also be replaced by luminescent materials.

Substance groups

When marking pipelines, safety colors are used to make the flow material quickly recognizable. An overview of the colors used can be found in DIN 2403.

Color overview

For safety colors, DIN uses the RAL colors customary in Germany. This is done, for example, in the DIN 4844 and DIN 5381 standards. ISO 7010 refers to ISO 3864 when it comes to safety colors.

A translation of the colors from one color system to another is only possible approximately and should not be adopted rashly.

importance Surname RAL Pantone RGB colour
Prohibition / fire protection Signal red 3001 484 a0001c
warning Signal yellow 1003 137 f2ad00
rescue Signal green 6032 3288 00855a
bid Signal blue 5005 294 004389
Symbol / border Signal white 9003 705 ffffff
symbol Signal black 9004 Black 6 252427

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