Why don't you like Annabeth Chase

All of the German teachers at once

Before away. Do you know that you are writing a message, you have written an error and immediately it will those or the those or those who become German teachers and improve yourselves?

That is today's topic.

This time but it's just a chat between Percy and Annabeth.

Percy: Hi Annabeth

Annabeth: Hi Algae Brain

Percy: What are you doing?

Annabeth: * do

Percy: huh?

Annabeth: * Huh

Percy: What do you mean?

Annabeth: * What

Percy: stop improving me!

Annabeth: Why?

Percy: First you are not a German teacher and second you are nervous.

Annabeth: * First, * German teacher, * annoying and whoever writes with H is stupid

Percy: can you stop and now answer my question I wanted to ask you.

Annabeth: and what question?

Percy: Do you like my poop? You always look at her like you love her!

Annabeth: WTF Percy!

Percy: Shit automobile Kcorrection i mean jacket! JACKET Don't poop!

Annabeth: Jacket yeah. Shit? I don't even look at them

Percy: HA !!!

Annabeth: I'll give it to Percy, I like your jacket!


Not -nict, but not

Percy: The Annabeth Chase had Nict misspelled the message of the century.

Annabeth: And the message of the millennium now, he misspelled the word himself

Percy: Fucking German teachers.

Annabeth: German teacher

Percy Blocked Annabeth.

Percy has a new status: I actually wanted to write to you: 'I love you' but now I only write 'You German teacher'