How were the Soviets defeated in Afghanistan

Peace issues

There have been many wars in Afghanistan's history. Great Britain waged war against Afghanistan in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Great Britain wanted to conquer Afghanistan and make it part of the British Empire, but it did not succeed.


What happened in Afghanistan at the end of 1979?

In December 1979 the Soviet military invaded Afghanistan. They wanted to support the communist government there. The Afghan government approved of this operation, but many people resisted it. A brutal war broke out in which half of Afghanistan's villages were destroyed and an estimated more than a million people were killed. In 1989 the Soviet occupiers had to leave the country. They could not defeat the Afghan resistance.


Who was fighting for power back then?

Various groups then fought for rule in the country. The radical Islamic Taliban became more and more powerful until they finally ruled all of Afghanistan in 1996. They ruled with harsh violence and again brought great suffering to the country. All remaining freedoms were severely restricted. Their conservative ideas have spread fear and horror among the population. Democracy and human rights played no role. Girls were not allowed to go to school, women were only rarely allowed to leave the house and when they did, they were only allowed to wear a so-called burqa. This is a veil that extends to the floor and only leaves a small viewing window open for the eyes. If the prohibitions were not observed, there were severe penalties.