Why is demonization a blessing

Ritalin for Adults - Curse or Blessing?


The demands in training and work are high. This is why adults are increasingly turning to Ritalin and similar stimulants - a tendency that is often demonized in the media. Not always right, as experts say.

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Many people - including adults - suffer from ADHD and therefore have problems at work and in their private lives. The psychiatrist Dominique Eich treats many such people at the Psychiatric University Clinic in Zurich and does not share the public criticism of Ritalin.

Hans Kurt, President of the Swiss Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, also points out in this context that social grievances cannot be remedied by demonizing Ritalin - for example, one has to think more about the social pressure to perform.

Science journalist Jörg Blech, on the other hand, comes out as a strong opponent of Ritalin and brain doping. He sees the pharmaceutical industry in particular as benefiting from this development. For them it is good when the normal ups and downs of life are suddenly reinterpreted in something pathological. Because the ideal market for the pharmaceutical industry is the “concerned healthy person” who lives a long time and still needs a lot of medication.