Can a doctor write his own table

As a private patient, you will receive an invoice from your doctor after the treatment. We explain the essential elements of the Fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ)so you can better understand and review your medical bill. You can also use our range of services:Check medical bill. Alternatively, you can also use the GOÄ in Webshop of the PKV Association order as a print version.

The remuneration for medical services that are not covered by social insurance is calculated on the basis of the GOÄ. A list of fees for medical services is attached to the fee schedule as an annex. According to the GOÄ, a doctor is entitled to fees, compensation (travel allowance, travel allowance) and reimbursement of expenses for treatment.

How is a doctor's bill structured?

Our sample invoice can help you understand and check the invoice.


How can I check a medical bill?

You should first check a doctor's bill - just like any other invoice - and only pay it when it is factually and arithmetically correct. Otherwise you can insist on a correction of the invoice. You can also use our range of services to check your medical bill: Check medical bill.

Above all, check the invoice for plausibility and formalities. Which includes:

  • Date of service provision,
  • Number and designation of the service including a minimum duration, if applicable, specified in the service description,
  • Amount,
  • Rate of increase,
  • Reduction amount for inpatient services,
  • possibly type of compensation and / or expenses.

The following questions are helpful:

  • Has the service been performed?
  • Is the invoice or are the rates of increase comprehensible and justified in terms of the amount?

Do not settle an invoice until after it has been verified. If necessary, your insurance company will also take over the examination. Careful invoice verification also helps make health insurance premiums more stable.

If you have any unanswered questions or objections to the bill, you should first speak to the attending physician. If you have any questions afterwards, you can submit the invoice for the health insurance review (including comments).

In any case, the following applies: You should not pay invoices with annotations through the test program before submitting them for reimbursement to your private health insurance company. Please wait here for the reimbursement to be checked by your insurance company until you pay the invoice.

There are specialists in the company who will examine the invoice in detail and, if necessary, after queries with you or your treating doctor, will come to factually weighed decisions.