What is the exact meaning of landlocked country


Baha'i religion, Bahaitum

The Baha'i religion goes back to a man named Baha'ullah. The Baha'i believe in one God and attach great importance to standing up for other people. The Baha'i live mainly in India, but also in Africa, South and North America. Their country of origin is Iran.

Balkans, Balkan Peninsula

The Balkan Peninsula is located in the southeast of Europe. It is also called the Balkans for short. The name comes from the Balkan Mountains that lie on the peninsula. In the Balkans are the countries Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey are partly on the Blkan.


Balsam is an ointment that, often mixed with medicinal herbs, has a beneficial and healing effect. It is mainly used externally on the skin. To make balsam, you need the balsam tree or other balsam bushes.

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Bantu is the generic term for 400 different tribes in South and Central Africa. All Bantu peoples speak a Bantu language. The Bantu languages ​​in turn belong to the Niger-Congo languages.


The Baule are the largest ethnic group in the Ivory Coast. Their language is also called Baule.


Bedouins are Arabs who live in the desert and do not own a house, but move from place to place. You are also nomads.


The Berbers are an ethnic group that lives mainly in the North African countries of Morocco or Algeria. But there are also Berbers in Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Niger and Mali. There are approximately 36 million Berbers. They speak a Berber language, for example Tuareg or Tamazight. The Berber tribe of the Tuareg lives nomadically, all others are sedentary.


There is circumcision in both girls and boys. In boys, the foreskin on the penis is shortened or removed. This is practiced with Jews, for example. When girls are circumcised, the labia or clitoris are removed, sometimes both. Circumcision of girls is banned almost everywhere, but is still carried out. See also "Genital Mutilation".

Population density
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The mean value, which describes how many people live in a certain area, is called the population density. This value is usually given in inhabitants per square kilometer. To calculate it, you divide the population of the area by its area. The value for Germany is 230 inhabitants per square kilometer.


Schistosomiasis is a disease in which worms implant themselves in the human liver and from there spread throughout the body. The skin starts to itch and you can get inflammation. Schistosomiasis occurs only in tropical countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, some countries in South America (especially Brazil, Suriname and some regions of Venezuela), and in Southwest and Southeast Asia. The infection takes place via worms living in fresh water.

domestic market

There are no restrictions on the economy in a single market. For example, there are no customs duties. In addition, money, people, goods and services can be moved within this area without restrictions. There is usually a single market within a country. But several states can also join forces for a single market. The European Union, for example, forms such a single market, as does Mercosur in South America.

Landlocked country

A landlocked country is a country that is not by the sea. The word "inside" means "inside". A landlocked country is therefore "inside", not outside. There are 44 landlocked countries on earth. One of their problems is the difficult trade because they have no access to the sea.

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At first glance, bioethanol is an environmentally friendly fuel because it is not made from fossil fuels such as crude oil or coal. However, large areas for growing plants are required for production. Even if no carbon dioxide - a dangerous poison for the environment - is produced during combustion, it escapes during production. That is why this fuel, which is supposed to replace petrol in our country, is controversial.

GDP, gross domestic product
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Everything that is produced and performed in a country is summarized under the term gross domestic product. This includes goods and goods, but also services. To estimate the economic strength of a country, all of this is added up. The higher the value, the stronger the country's economy. One also speaks of GDP for short.

Blood revenge

In blood revenge, murder is committed out of revenge. For example, if someone from their own family was murdered or their honor was violated, the murderer is now killed himself. In the south of Italy, blood revenge is called vendetta.

Land reform

The goal of land reform is usually the more even and fair distribution of land, that is, land ownership. Owners of a lot of land (large landowners) then have to give up land to farmers with little land (smallholders) or rural people who have not yet owned any land of their own.

Bolsheviks, Bolsheviks
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The Bolsheviks were revolutionaries in Russia. Literally, the Bolsheviks were the revolutionary majority ("majorityists") under Lenin's leadership (versus a moderate minority). The Bolsheviks took over power in Russia in November 1917 (according to the Russian calendar October 1917, hence: October Revolution). Another name is "Bolsheviks".


Boom means something like "upswing". When something develops very well and the quantity or number increases, it is called a "boom". The term is often used in business. One also speaks of an economic boom.


A boycott is an economic, social or political means of pressure that disrupts normal operations. In the event of a boycott, for example, goods will no longer be delivered. Not only the state or companies can boycott something, but also every private person. For example, if you do not buy clothes or groceries from certain companies for certain reasons, then you are boycotting those companies.

Slash and burn

If an area with forest or shrubbery is deliberately burned down because one wants to practice agriculture there, it is called slash and burn. However, the floors are quickly drained and so new space has to be created again. Erosion occurs and no forest grows back.

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Latitude describes the distance between a point on earth and the equator. The geographical latitude is given in degrees. It becomes even more precise if you also specify the minutes and seconds. The equator has zero latitude. Berlin lies on the 52nd parallel north.


Buddhism is a religion that originated in India. Buddhism is especially widespread in Asia. It goes back to a man named Siddharta Gautama. He lived a happy and contented life and became Buddha, which means the "enlightened one". The aim of the Buddhists is to become "enlightened" as well. To do this, they have to adhere to certain rules, for example act peacefully. In the next life the person can then be something "better". Those who are particularly pious can escape the cycle and enter nirvana. In this state, all suffering that belongs to life, as the Buddha says, ceases.


Bulgur is precooked wheat. It is soaked for this and cooked over steam. After boiling, it is dried and ground. During preparation, it only needs to be poured over with hot water and cooked. For example, bulgur is very popular in Turkey.


A federal state is both a country made up of several sub-states and the individual sub-states themselves. Germany is a federal state because it consists of 16 federal states. Such a federal state is also called a federal state. There are 28 such countries worldwide, including Switzerland, Austria and the USA.

Bureaucracy, bureaucratic

The entire administration of a country is its bureaucracy. The term is often used disparagingly for a cumbersome civil servant economy with too many rules and regulations.