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Chemistry is seen by the general public as rather abstract and dry; Pop and smelly effects are probably the best known ... whatever the reason. In any case, our research into this category has been the most difficult to date.

But there are - still slightly volatile and just above the detection limit, even in chemistry didactics - approaches to make chemistry a little more vivid and entertaining, in school, training, at work, and not exclusively with chemical experiments. Humor and clarity - chemical delicacies or in short: chemitainment - can be combined with scientific facts! And are an indispensable catalyst for effective training - especially in today's world. . .

The following list of entertaining, curious and humorous things from chemistry and the laboratory may offer some suggestions. We look forward to further contributions and links.

General information and basics

The language of science

Chemistry ... and other jokes
Small collection of jokes about chemists and other natural scientists

Chemistry of the crema
Most people fear chemistry but enjoy its fruits every day. . .

Learn chemistry with a sense of humor
An entertaining article about ways to shape chemistry with humor - Format: PDF

Element woman
The elementary properties of this basic ingredient of our life, which cannot be classified in the PSE - Format: PDF

Element man
The elementary properties of this basic ingredient of our life, which does not belong in the PSE - Format: PDF

The laboratory is laughing here
The latest findings from laboratory work and style flowers

A hallmark of good chemistry class? - Format: PDF

Humor in chemistry class
On the importance of humor in chemistry lessons at lower secondary level - Format: PDF

Laboratory Disasters
Presentation of the most memorable laboratory disasters

Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names
An interesting collection of connections, with weird or ambiguous names ... a little knowledge of English required

A bit older . . . but still usable. . .

Red Riding Hood
. . . from a chemist's point of view

Do you know about chemistry? ... Here you will find out the most secret secrets ...

What else was there ...
Something strange from the e-mail basket of Professor Blume, the operator of Professor Blume's education server for chemistry

We hate chemistry
This page is for everyone who is of the opinion that lessons are illogical, incomprehensible, superfluous and average-destructive

Ten little chemists
Hmmmmm ...!


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