Disappeared desktop computers

Windows Windows 10: Desktop gone - what to do?


If the desktop is no longer displayed under Windows 10, this can have several causes. This problem mainly occurs after an update or upgrade under Windows 10. But don't panic: we'll show you how you can possibly restore your desktop. You can find more information here if your computer does not start up at all.

General tips when the desktop disappears

The first thing you should do is restart your computer. Maybe that will help, if only one error exists and the files have not really disappeared.
Sometimes a brief switch to tablet mode also helps. To do this, click on the in the lower right corner of the taskbar Speech bubble icon and then on "Tablet mode".

Check the desktop in Windows 10

Press the key combination [Windows]+[R] and enter "desktop". Then click on"OK". If the content of your desktop is displayed there, there is a Display problem in front. You can find help here. Also a Restart can be advisable.
Is the However, the folder is empty, became the entire Desktop deleted and has to be reassembled. In order to rescue your data, we will show you in another guide how to recover deleted files.

Show desktop icons under Windows 10

If your entire desktop is blank, the icons may just become plain not displayed. To do this, click the rright mouse button on your desktop. Choose "view"off. Beside"Show desktop icons"should be ticked. If it is missing, click the button. Now your Desktop reappeared become.

By the way: Are you just missing individual desktop icons, such as the recycle bin? Here we explain what you can do if the recycle bin has disappeared from the Windows desktop.