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Easy-care flowers: the top 7 for the garden

If you like to forget about watering the flowers, but still want to have a beautiful garden, you should plant these easy-care flowers - we have the top 7.

Not everyone has a green thumb or enough time to take ideal care of their little plants. It has probably already happened to many hobby gardeners that one or the other plant has unfortunately died of thirst. In order not to have to do without beautiful flowers in the garden or on the balcony, we have put together the 7 most easy-care types of flowers for you, which all have one thing in common: They survive and thrive without regular watering and care.


1. Verbena

The flowering plant is ideal for planting flower pots as well as beds along the way. Even on the hottest days, she doesn’t let her head droop and butterflies love to swarm around her.

Tip: With an insect-friendly seed mix like the Plantura Butterfly Club, you can turn your garden into a true paradise for butterflies.

Plantura butterfly meeting

2. Lavender

The fragrant lavender not only prefers a lot of sun, but also needs little water. The scent is also said to drive away mosquitoes. The purple-colored plant thus offers many advantages for little effort. Bees will also be happy if you give the lavender a place in your garden or on the balcony.

3. Spider flowers

The annual spider flower is very hardy. It also copes well with very dry and arid soil and hot summer days. Its nectar attracts butterflies and other insects and it gives off a strong floral scent. It is also very suitable as a cut flower.

4th sedum plant

The sedum plant is best kept in a sunny to partially shaded area. It prefers normal to even dry soil. Their flowers can be very colorful and also quite large with a height of 60 to 70 cm.

5. sunflowers

Sunflowers are rightly one of the most popular garden flowers: The cheerful, large flowers make every garden shine. Sunflowers naturally prefer a lot of sun and can also get by with less nutrient-poor and dry soils. The sunflower seeds are also a tasty addition that the birds in your garden will appreciate.

6. Hardworking Lieschen

In contrast to the other flowers that we show you here, the hardworking Lieschen feels most comfortable where it is damp and shady. After planting, the small flowers bloom by themselves and ensure a long-lasting bloom.

7. Marigolds

Marigolds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and bright colors. They like warm and dry conditions and lots of sun. While the slightly larger specimens make beautiful cut flowers, the smaller ones are also ideal for decorating salads - because most marigolds are also edible.

In addition to these flowers, there are other ways to design a garden without a lot of maintenance. Our best tips for an easy-care garden can be found in this article.

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