What makes really special buffalo wings

Today there is the continuation for you, my little "Anderstland" series.
As I just mentioned in a comment earlier, I unfortunately far too seldom get the time to capture what I have seen, also visually for posterity.
I think these little "faux pas" are totally cute and lovable and it's nice when in a country everything doesn't always have to be so 100% perfect.
That gives the whole thing a special charm and gives it a soul.
So, but long speech .. here now for you part II of my Anderstland series. I wish you a lot of fun and good entertainment:

High flyer

Without helmets and at excessive speed, these two "high-flyers" race towards the arm of the law. The man behind the scenes doesn't seem to be really worried about it.

Types of flour

Buying flour has to be learned in Vietnam. But at least studied! Although the varieties do not really differ in terms of content, the names are all the more imaginative.
The choices in this case are: "self-rearing flour" (which raises the question of what kind of rearing do the other varieties come from ?!), "bread flour" (which can also be used for baking bread! ) and the "pure flour", that pure flour, so to speak ..

Smart advertising

The advertising length of this hotel, offers us a service that is something other Art.
Thus the hotel advertises with the slogan: "Make your trip funny - Make your chance lucky", which translated means something like "Make your trip funny - make your chance happy".
And who doesn't like to have a lucky chance on their journey ?!

Your cute enough to eat - You are cute enough to be eaten

Not for the faint of heart or the sensitive among you is this ad, which was given as a side dish to a "fast food" home service ..

"Pimp my ride"

I've been trying to pimp my vehicle to this standard for years.
So far, unfortunately, in vain ..

Buffalo Wings (partly buffalo wings)

One of the "top ten" abstinence in Vietnam are these chips with a grilled chicken-buffalo-wing flavor. How did they manage that is an interesting question, as the fact remains that buffalo no wing to have..

Supported by MOST of Vietnam

According to the text, a "biosphere" project on the island of "Cat-Ba" in northern Vietnam is apparently not being carried out by allVietnamese, or allVietnam supported but literally only by "MOST of Vietnam", translated, only supported, by the greater part of Vietnam ..

Love your library

An important principle that even the little ones learn here is "love your library" (as small as it may be!) .. Later, when you grow up, then your librarian ..

Quick checkout

The "max. Up to 10-piece fast checkout system" that is declared in Vietnamese in the background, on a board also in large and wide, is still sooooo new in Vietnam and soooo confused, you can blame the Vietnamese for it so "occasionally", perplexed, make a little mistake ?!

Special traffic signs

One of my favorite road signs in Vietnam is the one shown above, which can be found e.g. on the mountain roads on the island of Cat-Ba. But I also really don't like it when one strays off the road during the driveway, the car so nothing to me, nothing to you, and crashes over the cliffs into the sea. So you can be sure every time that it will leave you with quite a hole in your travel planning and that you will be back to work a little later tomorrow morning ...

Medicines for terrorist friends

As we could already see in the first part, the Anderstland series, when it comes to fashion, Vietnam thinks of the modern terrorists. When it comes to medical care, you can of course be in no way inferior to the other side. This is why these "Plus Obama" multivitamin tablets have been available for some time.
The production of "Minus Osama" pills is currently being considered.

To be continued ...