Sci-Fi movie identification

80s (?) Sci-fi film identification, cyborg, desert, isolation

After watching numerous films about the future, I've decided it sucks whether it's nasty corporations, killer robots development, or an environment ruined by human hubris. Unfortunately for the characters who populate this movie, all three happened; It's been a bad century.

When the small group that lives on a wasteland television network realizes that one of them might be a ruthless synthetic human, they do what any other group would: rip off John Carpenter's "The Thing". That's right, cut everyone's finger to see who's bleeding oil, but it doesn't work as the robots are full of stage blood (oh, I mean red freon). Maybe there was an easier way than noticing that two characters never sweat, even if everyone else is soaking wet! I noticed, probably more than half of the audience noticed. Why didn't Tyson or Arren notice?

Tyson catches the wrong people and soon a game of cat and mouse (when cats were made of steel and mice used shotguns) are played through the station's dark corridors. None of this should come as a surprise to you, especially one of the hookers who decides to shower and be killed. Only when things look hopeless does our heroine play her trump card, the DV-8.

The video cover clearly shows the DV-8. It's an old mining or construction robot that is quietly rusting on the local scrap heap. Arren took the time to fix the problem and is confident of being in control of the thing. Despite a short chat in which we find out that it took "months" to learn to control the monster robot, it doesn't look very difficult. If you want it to stand, type "stand". I'm sure all the other seasoned Zork players out there would be comfortable with the controls. Indeed, screw that rusty knife throws at the eye of the Cyclops, I want to put "hit cyclops in the head" and be done with the annoying lout once and for all.

You'll spend the entire movie waiting for the DV-8 to do something cool. You will be very disappointed too. It goes about a hundred yards, picks up a fallen porter, steps on Quinn - then falls to pieces. Obviously a GM product.