How do I become an Avon Consultant?

Would you like to find out more about the work of a consultant at AVON? Then you are right here!
Earn as much as you want. In the most beautiful industry in the world. Work when and how you want. Experience personal independence with AVON's diverse income opportunities. Start your own great business with our support.
How do I start my AVON business?
We will provide you with training material, regular newsletters on new products and sales tips, special offers and much more in the consultant magazine "AVON Aktuell" Take part in the success program in the first 6 campaigns and secure the chance for exclusive rewards.Take the chance to run your AVON business online.
And how do I become successful?

Sell ​​AVON products to your family, friends and work colleagues AND find new customers with AVON's support.

Show the AVON brochure at every opportunity in your circle of friends and in your personal environment (e.g. school, fitness studio, office, etc.)

Take your customers' orders, order conveniently online and deliver the products.

Are you interested in a sales leader position?

Are you ambitious and success-oriented? Do you find the idea of ​​building, supervising and motivating your own team of consultants exciting? Would you like to lead your group to success and thus keep increasing your earnings? YES! Then the job as AVON Sales Leader is exactly the right thing for you!