Is bear spray good for self-defense

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    Quote by Always happy
    There are pistols, rifles & Co. what should I use such a stupid spray.
    Sometimes a spary is better than if you don't hit with a pistol or a rifle or if you don't get it right, the bear will tear you apart.
    Inexperienced people believe such solder and go to training with their mouths open and let themselves be pushed around as better dummies then go home and play 5 against Willi under the covers.

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    Land of a thousand hills

    Quote by BillaP
    Sometimes a spary is better than if you don't hit with a pistol or a rifle or if the bear doesn't really tear you apart.
    Oh, but with the spray is it enough to spray on the lower leg to make the bear fall over?
    But if they tell you that I've lost my mind
    Baby it's not gone just a little hard to find

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    in the middle of the pot

    My English is too bad. I solve this physically!

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    Quote by Seminarius
    I meant rather how you find the defense against humans with it ...
    In Germany there is no logical explanation for having a bear spray with you. A pepper spray, which is also not allowed to be used against people, however, I may have with me because of my fear of dogs and could not have known how to help myself in an SV situation.

  8. 26-09-2011, 12:34#23
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    Quote by Thommy Hewitt
    In Germany there is no logical explanation for having a bear spray with you.
    - frightened of runaway circus bears?
    Kannix, June 24th, 2010, 2:17 pm: "Well, I still have an air rifle upstairs, quite normal. Cats definitely don't have any visible injuries"

  9. 26-09-2011, 13:29#24

    "We present a comprehensive look at a sample of bear spray incidents that occurred in Alaska, USA, from 1985 to 2006. We
    analyzed 83 bear spray incidents involving brown bears (Ursus arctos; 61 cases, 74%), black bears (Ursus americanus; 20 cases, 24%), and polar
    bears (Ursus maritimus; 2 cases, 2%). Of the 72 cases where persons sprayed bears to defend themselves, 50 (69%) involved brown bears, 20
    (28%) black bears, and 2 (3%) polar bears. Red pepper spray stopped bears ’undesirable behavior 92% of the time when used on brown bears,
    90% for black bears, and 100% for polar bears. Of all persons carrying sprays, 98% were uninjured by bears in close-range encounters. All bearinflicted
    injuries (n¼3) associated with defensive spraying involved brown bears and were relatively minor (i.e., no hospitalization required). In
    7% (5 of 71) of bear spray incidents, wind was reported to have interfered with spray accuracy, although it reached the bear in all cases. In 14%
    (10 of 71) of bear spray incidents, users reported the spray having had negative side effects upon themselves, ranging from minor irritation
    (11%, 8 of 71) to near incapacitation (3%, 2 of 71). Bear spray represents an effective alternative to lethal force and should be considered as an
    option for personal safety for those recreating and working in bear country. "

  10. 26-09-2011, 13:30#25

    You can certainly use it to ward off emancas, single parents and fat women.

  11. 26-09-2011, 14:01#26

    Since I have outdoor experience in the USA and Canada, I just have to add my mustard, even if it deviates from the topic:

    Bear spray works better against a bear than a gun! Every park ranger will explain that to you.
    The problem is: The shock of a gunshot wound triggers a kind of survival instinct in the animals, which leads to the bear attacking you immediately, without consideration and with extreme brutality. At least grizzly bears regularly manage to kill a hunter, even after being shot several times. Significantly, most bear attacks also occur in connection with hunting.

    A bear spray, on the other hand, has a deterrent effect and gives the bear the opportunity to flee, which it always takes when in doubt. Interestingly, most bears already react to the loud hissing of the spray by fleeing. Hissing is a common threatening gesture in the animal kingdom.

    Incidentally, one should also be aware of the effect of pepper spray when used against people about a possible escalating effect. A real fairground racket can sometimes really go wild.

    I am now against carrying sprays and other items. I actually only have pepper spray with me against dogs.

    Just for information.
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  12. 26-09-2011, 14:22#27

    It also pretty much depends on the type of encounter. A bear that only wants to "play" with you will quickly find the distance.
    A bear that is pushed into a corner, however, or a mother bear who sees her children in danger will tend to be even more aggressive by something like that.

    At the beginning of September I met a mother bear with children in the Carpathian Mountains in a rather unfavorable situation. Unfortunately they had no real escape in this very wild gorge so the mother bear came dangerously close to me. It was clear that she would attack me when I got closer, maybe she would have attacked just like that. I guess I was lucky too. In any case, in the extreme thicket where I was, neither pepper spray nor revolver would have been of any use. Only the controlled slow retreat was to be used here.

    It must have been more than 20 times that I met bears, that was the first time that it was dangerous and I wasn't entirely innocent.

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