What would my ninja weapon be

Ninja explains: "These 2 weapons should never have come back to Fortnite"

Fortnite pro Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is annoyed by 2 weapons that returned in Chapter 2. He now wants them removed from the game.

What are the weapons? The mini-gun and the heavy sniper are said to be out of the game. At least that's what the Fortnite pro ninja wants.

For these two weapons, players need no skill at all, says the professional. The professional has already found the worst weapon in Fortnite and also wants to know it from the game.

What are these weapons about? The mini-gun can fire many shots in a row. So it quickly destroys all buildings or can quickly drain players of life.

The Heavy Sniper is currently strong. It can land a headshot at long range, dealing 375 damage to players. Thus, a player is eliminated directly, even if he has full health and shield.

No wonder players wanted a nerf for this:

Fortnite: Players challenge nerf of a gun that's just back

The weapons don't need a skill

What does ninja think of the two weapons? In a stream on April 24th, he played with Twitch streamer SypherPK after Ninja could be seen more often in his mixer streams at the games CoD Warzone and Valorant (via Mixer).

But things didn't go well for the professional in the first game. His team member SypherPK was quickly eliminated and Ninja fought with 2 opposing players.

In pairs and armed with a mini-gun, they could quickly penetrate ninja's built box and eliminate him in seconds. This visibly frustrated the streamer.

Mobile users please fast forward to 18 seconds

He says he came back to Fortnite for some fun. But then his team member is hit by a heavy sniper and is down. With a mini-gun he is finally eliminated.

“Can you finally take the Heavy Sniper out of the game? I'll tell you which two guns should never have returned ... the mini-gun and the heavy sniper. "

The biggest problem with these weapons is that they are not that difficult to use and that every player is successful with them. Players land a lucky strike with the Heavy Snipe and they are rewarded with an elimination.

"I guarantee you, no player was eliminated from these weapons and thought: This player has so much skill and has done me very cleverly."

According to the ninja, the normal snipers were fine. When hit in body, she dealt about 90 damage, and the victim still had one chance to counter. This would not be the case with the Heavy Sniper.

Although Ninja says he hates complaining too much, he already has some suggestions for improvement for Season 3 in Fortnite. Fortnite would have to change these things in order for more players to come back.


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