Have you ever kept a dream journal?

What did you dream about last night?
Michael Wollny: I kept a dream journal for a while. I don't remember any dream since I stopped doing that. Last night was dreamless in my memory, but that doesn't mean I didn't dream.

Which concert / record got you into jazz?
Keith Jarrett / Cologne Concert (sic!)

If you could travel back in time, what would your goal be?
Various European metropolises, around 1900.

Who is your favorite composer?
THAT one does not exist. I would have to name: Schubert, Mahler, Berg, Messiaen.

What makes you angry

Who is your musical role model?
The same applies here: THAT one role model does not exist. People whose art inspires me are: Joachim Kühn, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Lars von Trier, Jarvis Cocker, Olivier Messiaen, Thomas Bernhard, H.P. Lovecraft - and many more ...

Who / what would you like to be born again as?
I like to be surprised ...

What is jazz?
A specific attitude towards music, art and life, which gives priority to intuition, individuality and improvisation over what can be planned and calculated.

What makes you weak
Sugar - and cinema. Or both together ...

What is more important to you in jazz: passion or control - and why?
I refer to my answer to question 8 (“What is jazz?”) - although control is sometimes necessary to enable passion.

Death is ...
... a secret that we may never understand.

What is your favorite instrument that you don't play yourself?
The human voice.

Practice is ...
... a reminder that inspirations do not only come from outside.

When I hear pop from the charts on the radio ...
... I sometimes (not always) think about my answer to the third question ...

What is the most embarrassing mishap that happened to you on stage?
A performance of Bach's chromatic fugue, in which, shortly before the end, I kept jumping back to a parallel passage at the beginning of the piece. I was so caught in a loop and only found the “exit” to the end after a few laps. That was by far the scariest moment I have ever experienced on the instrument.

Photo: ACT / Joerg Steinmetz

Tour dates “JazzNights 2014” featuring Michael Wollny Trio & Nils Landgren Quintet:
20.3. Karlsruhe, madhouse
21.3. Düsseldorf, Robert Schumann Hall
22.3. Munich, Muffathalle
23.3. Dresden, old slaughterhouse
24.3. Berlin, Chamber Music Hall
25.3. Erlangen, Heinrich-Lades-Halle
26.3. Neunkirchen / Saar, blower hall
27.3. Stuttgart, theater house
28.3. Dortmund, concert hall
29.3. Hamburg, Laeiszhalle
31.3. Frankfurt, Old Opera
Organizer / tickets: Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion