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Damp room installation of switches and sockets

Electrical equipment such as switches and sockets in damp or wet rooms are often exposed to difficult conditions: In addition to condensation and moisture, the installed products should also be able to withstand chemical influences, for example vapors, alkalis, acids or oil. At the same time, they have to be resistant and insensitive to extreme temperatures so that they function safely and reliably at all times. Last but not least, structural protection against the ingress of foreign bodies or dust is particularly important.

But when is a room a damp room? According to VDE 0100-737, this basically includes all rooms whose floors, walls or facilities are sprayed with water. But it also includes greenhouses and unheated and non-ventilated cellars. On the other hand, kitchens and bathrooms are considered to be dry rooms, as moisture only occurs occasionally.

In damp rooms, it must be ensured that all electrical equipment such as switches, sockets, distributors or junction boxes are at least splash-proof (protection class IPX4). In rooms with jets of water, on the other hand, splash protection (IPX4) is always necessary, provided the electrical equipment is not exposed to a direct water jet. In the case of direct contact with a water jet, protection class IPX5 is required, and in the case of high pressure jets even IPX8. Corrosion protection is important if corrosive vapors can occur in the room.

Safety through VDE certification

The cables for damp-proof installations on, in or under plaster are also subject to special requirements: Only sheathed NYM installation cables or NYY cables may be used here. During assembly, make sure that the surface temperature of the cable is at least 5 degrees Celsius so that no cracks appear in the plastic jacket. In addition, you should avoid interrupting the line so that the PVC jacket does not have to be removed. During assembly, make sure that all cable entries are properly sealed. The conductor entries or connection terminals should be arranged in such a way that the connections cannot loosen when the base is inserted. If there is a transition from the sheathed line to other lines, this should always be planned outside of the damp room.

In damp rooms, the details are often decisive: all sockets must be self-closing with a hinged cover, for example. Return springs made of stainless steel are considered to be very durable. In addition, the housing must be torsion-proof and the material must remain lightfast and break-proof even after several years. In any case, you are on the safe side if the installed products have a test mark, such as VDE certification.

High quality materials and quick installation

Heinrich Kopp GmbH has been very familiar with the special requirements of electrical installers for the products to be installed for decades: The company can look back on more than 86 years of manufacturing expertise and attaches great importance to the quality label "Made In Germany". That is why Kopp developed the surface-mounted moisture-proof switch range BLUE ELECTRIC exclusively for professionals. The proven specialists for electrical installation material know: For commercial customers time saving is synonymous with cost efficiency - therefore all elements can be installed particularly quickly. In addition, the aspects of safety and product quality are in focus in order to meet the high customer expectations.

The products are professionally equipped: Protection class IP 44 guarantees resistance to splashing water and the penetration of solid foreign bodies up to a diameter of 1 mm. In addition, Kopp guarantees error-free functionality even at low and high temperatures, so that the products in the BLUE ELECTRIC range can also be used in cold stores or hot environments. All BLUE-ELECTRIC articles are reserved exclusively for specialist retailers.

When it comes to materials, Kopp traditionally relies on quality: The thermoplastics are not only characterized by their high level of robustness in accordance with DIN VDE 0620-1, but also by their resistance to many chemical influences. At the same time, they are halogen and PVC-free. The sockets from the professional range are also suitable for use under difficult conditions in accordance with DIN VDE 0620-1 Appendix C.

Flexible installation with practical details

The BLUE ELECTRIC range offers the professional many practical details in everyday work: The housing screws are equipped with quick-release threads for quick installation, so that all products can be opened and closed with just a few turns. The high flexibility is also a relief: Individual product combinations for vertical and horizontal arrangements are easy to implement. Diagonally arranged screw-on elongated holes enable simple alignment of the individual products. The mounting holes for wall mounting are designed so that the screws are guided to the mounting hole.

Kopp also paid attention to everything when wiring: The basic housings from BLUE ELECTRIC have cable entry openings on all four sides. In this way, up to eight lines can be wired through in all directions. Later expansions can be easily made at any time. However, cables can also simply be fed through under the switch and socket inserts. An extra large wiring space in all housings makes work easier for the electrician, and earth connections are also provided here. All connection terminals comply with the DIN standards VDE 0620-1 / VDE 0632-1 and have cable cross-sections of up to 2.5 mm2 usable.

Comfort with a 20 year guarantee

With BLUE ELECTRIC, electrical professionals offer even the most demanding customers plenty of convenience: All products are available in gray and white for different areas and environments. A labeling field is available as standard on all products. In addition, Kopp has always equipped the switches in the range with integrated lighting so that they can be found immediately in dark rooms. The lockable protective contact sockets are available with 11 different locks, which means that several sockets with the same lock or all of them can be combined with different locks. Each lock has a separate item number.

Kopp attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. In addition to an attractive price-performance ratio, this is also demonstrated by the guarantee conditions: the company grants a full 20-year guarantee on the individual components of the BLUE ELECTRIC range.

Any combinations are possible with BLUE ELECTRIC, as the switches and sockets can be wired in any direction.

BLUE ELECTRIC offers large wiring space for switches and sockets and is therefore the first choice for installers

Here you will find the complete product overview in the colors arctic white and gray

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