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Green roofs - good reasons for green roofs

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There are many good reasons for green roofs. The City of Vienna promotes the greening of roofs and offers advice on planning.

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On behalf of the City of Vienna, DIE UMWELTBERATUNG offers an information service on the subject. The first consultation hour is paid for by the City of Vienna.

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The Department of the City of Vienna - Environmental Protection (MA 22) promotes the greening of roofs up to a height of a maximum of 20,200 euros per roof.

Green roof options

The green roof potential register provides information on which roof areas in Vienna are in principle suitable for greening due to their flat inclination.

There are 2 different types of green roofs:

  1. Extensively green roofs get by with a few centimeters (at least eight centimeters) of floor structure. However, the low vegetation layer is not accessible. The advantages of extensive greening are the low maintenance requirements and the low weight due to the light construction. An irrigation system is also not required. In particular, extensive (in exceptional cases also intensive) green roofs are also suitable for solar technology use (solar potential register).
  2. Intensely green roofs must be equipped with a floor structure of at least 30 centimeters. Walkable meadows, bushes and trees can be planted on it and vegetable beds can be created. In the case of intensely green roofs, maintenance and artificial irrigation are usually required. The statics of the roof structure should also be checked due to the higher weight per unit area.

"Green roof" cost factor - are green roofs expensive?

Green roofs are only marginally more expensive than conventional gravel roofs. The study "DachgrĂ¼n" was able to show that the cost differences are minimal. Depending on the period under consideration, there are slight additional costs or even savings through green roofs. For example, the cost of manufacturing and maintaining a green roof over ten years is around 0.30 euros per square meter of living space and per year higher than for a gravel roof. If you look at it for a longer period of time, the better durability of a green roof even results in savings compared to a gravel roof.

  • Roof green, study March 2012: 2.2 MBPDF - Architect Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Erlach

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