Was Tom Riddle's memory falsified?

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Events before the books

  • Circa June 1862: Albus Dumbledore took his NEWT exam and is being checked by Griselda Marchbanks, who later says he did things with a wand that she has never seen before.
  • June 13, 1943: Hagrid is mistakenly accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets because of Tom Riddle caught him with an acromantula wind up in the castle. Aragog, the Acromantula, is released into the Forbidden Forest and Hagrid later finds him a wife and they establish a colony. Hagrid is discharged from Hogwarts School. Tom Riddle receives an Award for Special Service to the School for helping "catch" Hagrid. Hagrid stays at Hogwarts and is hired as the Hogwarts gamekeeper thanks to Dumbledore, who appears to be the only one who believes in his innocence.
  • 1944: McGonagall leaves Hogwarts
  • 1945: Tom Riddle leaves Hogwarts and applies for a job as a teacher at Hogwarts. Headmaster Armando Dippet rejects him because he says 18 is too young. Tom Riddle goes instead - incomprehensible to many - to Borgin and Burkes and works there.
  • Circa 1975: The Marauders, Lily and Snape have their OWL exams. James Potter humiliates Severus Snape after taking the OWL Defense Against the Dark Arts exam in public to Sirius Blacks Amusement - an event later remembered as Snape's worst memory.
  • 1977: Sirius Black, Lily Evans, Remus Lupine, Peter Pettigrew, James Potter and Severus Snape have their NEWT exams and are leaving Hogwarts.
  • 1984 Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup for the last time before Harry started school.
  • 1985 Slytherin wins the Quidditch Cup but not the house cup. Aunt Magda / Marge torments Harry on Dudley's 5th birthday by hitting him with the stick at the sapling match game so Dudley could win.
  • 1986-1991 Slytherin wins the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup every year.
  • 1988 Aunt Magda / Marge gives Dudley a computer-controlled robot and Harry on his 8th birthday a dog biscuit.
  • 1990 Aunt Magda / Marge arrives for Dudley's 10th birthday. She's bringing the bulldog Ripper and Harry accidentally steps on his tail. The dog chases Harry up a tree and Marge / Magda refuses to call the dog back until after midnight. This event still brings tears of laughter to Dudley when he remembers it.

Wizard of the month June,
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  • 2004: Gwenog Jones (1968 - today)
    Captain and driver of the only all-female national Quidditch team, the Holyhead Harpies.
  • 2005: Elfrida Clagg (1612--1687)
    Head of the Magic Council.
  • 2006: Daisy Hookum (1962 -)
    Wrote the bestseller "My Muggle Life" after giving up magic for a year. Married to the well-known gardener Krautwig Kross.
  • 2007: Salazar Slytherin (Middle Ages, exact dates unknown)
    Salazar Slytherin was one of the four famous founders of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was one of the first known Parseltongue mouths, an excellent Legilimentor and notorious as an advocate for the supremacy of pure-blooded magicians.

Birthdays in June

  • 5. Draco Malfoy (1980)
  • 23. Dudley Dursley (1980)
  • 28. Dobby

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone



  • 23. On Dudley's 11th birthday, the family goes to the zoo, where Harry finds that a boa constrictor understands him. When his cousin Dudley pushes him away, Harry accidentally removes the protective window of the enclosure and the Boa Constrictor escapes, causing everyone to panic. Harry is punished for this by Uncle Vernon, although he cannot imagine how he could be to blame for it.



  • 1st-4th exams
  • 4th evening: Harry, Ron and Hermione follow Quirrell through the trapdoor past all obstacles. See you Ron stays in the chessboard room and Hermione turns back in the Potions Room to save Ron and get Dumbledore. Harry meets Quirrell-Voldemort who want to steal the Philosopher's Stone, but only Harry manages to get the stone out of the mirror. Quirrell-Voldemort attack Harry and Harry manages to defend himself through his skin. Dumbledore saves Harry, Quirrell dies and Voldemort has to continue to exist disembodied.
  • 5-8 Harry lies unconscious in the hospital wing.
  • 6. Gryffindor loses to Ravenclaw in Quidditch .
  • 8. Harry and Dumbledore have their first long conversation in which Dumbledore does not want Harry to answer an important question (the one with the prophecy).
  • 8. Harry, Ron, Hermione are in the great hall at the graduation party and Neville awarded many points to what Gryffindor brings the house cup victory.
  • 11. The exam results come out
  • 20. Departure with the Hogwartsexpress. The Dursleys pick Harry up at the train station.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets



  • 1. The exam exams are canceled
  • 19. Departure with the Hogwartsexpress.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban



  • 26. Ron tries Harry Call by phone and get on Uncle Vernon.



  • 6-9 The school year-end exams take place.
  • 9. In the afternoon during the divination exam, Trelawny has her second true prophecy before Harry .
    Time travel history:
    Buckbeak's execution is imminent. Harry, Ron and Hermione want Hagrid assist. They sneak to his hut in invisibility cloaks, but Hagrid sends them away again. Before that, they discovered the rat / wormtail in the hut "Rons", which was believed to be dead. Sirius Black attacks Ron and takes him along with Wormtail to the Howling Shack. Harry and Hermione chase them past the whipping willow. Remus Lupine discovers Wormtail on the Marauder's map and goes there too. Snape wants to bring Lupine his Wolfsbane potion and he discovers Sirius and Co. because he saw the marauder's map lying in Remus Lupin's office. Snape follows Remus Lupine to the Howling Shack. Sirius wants in the hut Kill Wormtail immediately because he betrayed James Potter to Voldemort but Remus Lupine wants him to Harry, Ron and Hermione first explained everything, who don't want to believe the whole thing. But then Snape attacks Remus and Sirius under Harry's Invisibility Cloak. He wants both of them without trial to the dementors accuse and Harry, Ron and Hermione incapacitate Snape at the same time. Sirius and Remus declare Wormtail's treachery, and Harry finally believes them. Together they go back to Hogwarts. Yes, because Remus forgot to take the potion , he becomes a werewolf, Wormtail escapes, and Harry, Sirius, and Hermione are killed by the Dementors attacked. Harry sees someone he takes to be his father perform a patronus spell at the last moment that drives away all dementors. Harry and Hermione wake up in the hospital wing to learn that Sirius is about to be convicted. Dumbledore however, believes in Sirius Innocence and encourages Hermione and Harry to use the time turner. He wants you to "save more than an innocent life" and informs you where Sirius is staying.
    Harry and Hermione go 3 hours back in time. They save Buckbeak from execution and Harry defeats the Dementorswho have favourited Sirius, Hermione, and the other self. Then Hermione and Harry fly on Buckbeak to the window where Sirius is being held and rescue him. Back in the hospital wing, Snape trusts not all of it and accuses Harry of filming something. But Dumbledore covers him .
  • 10. Harry, Ron and Hermione leave the hospital wing. Remus Lupine leaves school. Last visit to Hogsmeade for the students.
  • 17th year-end party. Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup.
  • 18. Ride home with the Hogwartsexpress. The trio receives a letter from Sirius. Sirius has signed Harry's form so that he can visit Hogsmeade from now on and he gives Ron a new pet: Pigwidgeon, a little owl.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire



  • Harry prepares for the third task with the help of Ron and Hermione .
  • Harry Ron and Hermione see Draco as he talks into his "hand".
  • Exam exams for Ron and Hermione only, because Harry has been exempted from them.
  • 24. Rita's article on Harry appears in the Daily Prophet. Bill and Mrs. Weasley come to the Triwizard Tournament as Harry's family.
  • 24. The third task takes place. Harry and Cedric decide to win together, but the cup inside the maze turns out to be a portkey and they are drawn to Little Hangleton. Cedric is owned by Wormtail on behalf of Voldemort murdered. Harry is cuffed and his blood is used in Voldemort's body creation potion, as well as the bones of Voldemort's father and Wormtail's hand. Voldemort calls the Death Eaters to himself, explains where he has been all these years and that he is angry with her for not looking for him. Wormtail receives a silver hand. Harry duels with Voldemort and the Priori Incatatem saves him. The apparitions of the last victims of Voldemort's murder, including Harry's parents, help Harry to escape and Harry returns to Hogwarts with Cedric's body with the help of the portkey. There Moody / Barty Crouch Junior tried him to murder, but Dumbledore save Harry . Barty's identity and actions are revealed. Harry tells his experiences. Fudge doesn't believe Dumbledore's and Harry's explanations and lets Barty Crouch Junior through a dementor kiss execute. Hermione catches Rita Skeeter in her Animagus form as a beetle.
  • 25. Harry talks to the Diggories and he offers them the trimagic cup, but they don't want it.
  • 26. Harry leaves the hospital wing.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



  • Beginning of June: The teachers repeat the material because of the ZAG exams.
  • Harry wiretaps Hermione in Charms.
  • The examiners arrive.
  • Monday First ZAG examination in magic: written in the morning, practical in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday Second ZAG examination in transformation: written in the morning, practical in the afternoon.
  • Wednesday Third ZAG examination in herbalism
  • Thursday Fourth ZAG Examination in Defense Against the Dark Arts, written and practical
  • Friday Hermione has her fifth OWL exam in Ancient Runes
  • Monday Next ZAG exam in magic potions: written in the morning, practical in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday Next ZAG exam in Care of Magical Creatures: practical.
  • Wednesday Next ZAG exam in astronomy: written in the morning, practical in the evening.
    For Harry and Ron ZAG exam in fortune telling: practical.
    In the evening during the astronomy exam, Harry and his classmates see Umbridge and a couple of Aurors like them to Hagrid go to release him and to arrest him right away. A fight takes place, but Hagrid struggles successfully. Minerva McGonagall, who hurried to help him on the other hand is seriously injured with many shock spells and has to go to St. Mungo Hospital. Hagrid escapes with Fang. Harry and the others watch in horror and then they discuss the whole thing.
  • Thursday: During his OWL history exam that afternoon, Harry has a vision of one of Voldemort tortured Sirius in the Department of Mysteries and he leaves the exam early. He tries to rush to Sirius' aid, but Hermione convinces him to look at 12 Grimmauldplatz first. Ron , Luna and Ginny help with the red herring so Harry and Hermione Umbridge's office to use the fireplace in it. At 12 Grimmauldplatz, Kreacher pretends that Sirius is not there. Then Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville become from Umbridge and caught the inquisition squad. Harry succeeds Snape to be aware of his plan. Umbridge makes it clear that she is Harry the Dementors has rushed on the neck and she now wants to put the Cruciatus curse on Harry. But Harry and Hermione lead Umbridge through a ruse into the forbidden forest. There the centaurs and grawp take care of them for them to escape it. Meanwhile, Ron, Ginny, Neville and Luna have also escaped and they all meet in the forest. From there they travel with Hagrid's Thestrals to London to the Ministry. They wander around the Department of Mysteries for a while before realizing that Sirius is not there. Then they discover the prophecy record and that the whole thing was a trap. 12 death eaters expect them and want the prophecy, including Lucius Malfoy . Harry and the others try to escape and duel with the Death Eaters, seriously injuring Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Luna. Harry and Neville are the last to try to protect the prophecy and the others and end up in the death room. Neville is tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange. But then come the members of the Order of the Phoenix help them. Some members are seriously injured. Sirius dies in a duel against Bellatrix Lestrange. The prophecy breaks and goes unheard. Dumbledore come and defeat the Death Eaters . Only Bellatrix Lestrange escapes. Harry you hurry afterwards into the atrium with thoughts of revenge. Voldemort is waiting for them there . Dumbledore and Fawkes save Harry from the killing curse. Dumbledore and Voldemort are dueling. Voldemort takes possession of Harry's body but Harry does manages to banish Voldemort from his body by giving Sirius full of sadness and love thinks. Meanwhile, Fudge and Ministry officials appear and see Voldemort and Bellatrix escape. They finally believe Dumbledore and Harry. 11 Death Eaters are arrested and taken to Azkaban.
  • Friday: Harry will be back in Dumbledores Sent office. Harry is angry and grieving over Sirius' death and thinks it is all his fault. He destroys the furnishings of Dumbledore's office. Dumbledore is not angry with him. He says that he thinks a lot of him and has always thought of him, and he explains that none of Harry's friends and members of the order are in mortal danger anymore. Then Dumbledore apologizes for his silence and failure and shows Harry the prophecy made to him by Trelawny. Harry now knows why he is being hunted by Voldemort and that only he is Voldemort can destroy.
  • Umbridge rescued from the hands of the centaurs by Dumbledore and released from Hogwarts.
  • Sunday: The Sunday prophet prints Harry's Interview off and the first reports about Voldemort and the Death Eaters appear. McGonagall returns to Hogwarts and gives Gryffindor and Ravenclaw many points for educating the ministry and the world about Voldemort and Co.
  • Peeves chasing Umbridge out of the house with McGonagall's cane.
  • Departure with the Hogwarts Express: Harry is attacked by Slytherins, but members of the DA save him. Harry goes back to the Dursleys

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince



  • Harry is talking to his friends about tattoos and about Eileen Prince.
  • Mid-June: Harry receives a message from Dumbledore that they are leaving together to find a Horcrux. On the way, Harry meets Trelawny, who tells him that the person in the Room of Requirement is Draco , is happy that something has succeeded. Harry wants Dumbledore to find out and they talk on the way there. Trelawny reveals that Snape was the traitor who heard the prophecy and sent it to Voldemort passed on, which then led to the murder of his parents. Harry complains to Dumbledore who says that he still trusts Snape because he regretted what he did and that Draco's story does not worry him. Harry then gives Ron, Hermione, and Ginny the rest of Felx Felicis and instructs her on Draco watch out while he goes looking for the Horcrux with Dumbledore. Harry and Dumbledore go to Hogsmeade and meet Madame Rosmerta, who is because of the Imperius Curse Draco modest says. Harry and Dumbledore Apparate to the coast and find a dark cave underground with a lake full of Inferi. They are going to an island in a boat and Harry has to give Dumbledore the potion so they can get to the Horcrux. The potion weakens Dumbledore very much and Harry has to give him water from the lake. The Inferi appear and attack. Harry and Dumbledore narrowly escape them. Harry Apparates back to Hogsmeade with Dumbledore, from where they see the Dark Mark above the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower see. Madame Rosmerta gives them brooms so that they can fly to the tower . Once there, Dumbledore sends Harry to Snape to help him, because Voldemort's potion was very dangerous. But before Harry can do that, Draco comes pure and Harry under the Invisibility Cloak becomes immobile from Dumbledore's spell. Dumbledore convinces Draco not to kill him and learns that Draco brought the Death Eaters to Hogwarts with the help of the Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement and at Borgin and Burkes. Dumbledore is getting weaker and weaker.The Death Eaters come in, including Greyback Fenrir the werewolf. They want Draco to kill Dumbledore, but he doesn't. Then Snape comes in, looks around, and kills Dumbledore with the Avada Kedavra . Then they go back into the fray, which can be heard from downstairs, Harry's immobility stops, he knows that Dumbledore is now dead and he's running Snape the one with Draco flees behind, full of hatred and thoughts of revenge. Remus Lupine, Tonks, Bill Weasley, McGonagall, Harry, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Ron and Neville fight the Death Eaters.
    But the Death Eaters, Snape and Draco escape. Harry learns that Snape was the Half-Blood Prince. Hagrid's hut is on fire, Bill was bitten by Greyback, many are injured, and the Horcrux turns out to be a fake. The real one was made by a certain R.A.B. away.
    The Order and the others meet in the hospital wing and they talk about the attack and Dumbledore's death . Fleur and Molly Weasley make up, Tonks and Lupine decide to get together and everyone is appalled by Snape's murder of Dumbledore. McGonagall asks the Heads of House, Slughorn and Hagrid if they can go to Hogwarts should close. At Harry's suggestion, Dumbledore's funeral should take place first.
  • Hermione discovers that Eileen was Prince Snape's mother. The trio and Ginny talk about Snape.
  • The next day finds Dumbledores Funeral held. Lots of people come. Harry breaks up with Ginny , Ron and Hermione seem to be getting together soon (?), Scrimgeour asks Harry for help, which Harry refuses. Harry doesn't decide to go to Hogwarts for the next school year to go but the Horcruxes and Voldemort to destroy. Ron and Hermione want to come with him.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows




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