What is Kate Bush's style of music

Kate Bush turns 60"She has something so mysterious about it"

When Kate Bush showed up in the midst of the heyday of punk and disco, it was a shock - albeit a soothing one. A soprano-level fairy voice sang from fictional characters, from Emily Brontë's heroines from the classic "Sturmhöhe". And that to a spherical mixture of various styles of music, which could hardly be classified and which seemed to have fallen out of time. With her debut single "Wuthering Heights", the almost 20 year old stayed at number one in the British charts for four weeks in 1978. A first for a woman. She never saw herself as anything special:

"There were also great musicians like Joni Mitchell, Carole King or Joan Armatrading, they not only had very beautiful voices, they also had an incredible presence. And they had something to say - and in a very eloquent way."

Nevertheless, she preferred to be inspired by her British colleague Elton John. In 2012 she was able to persuade him to sing along to the song "Snowed in at Wheeler Street" from her last studio album "50 Words For Snow". The petite singer with the dark, curly mane presented herself as a total work of art, with sensual fantasy costumes and lavishly produced videos that were reminiscent of short films.

"She is like all of us"

Although her most successful phase was a few decades ago, Kate Bush is still one of the most important role models for the younger generation of musicians. The eccentric US pop artist Lady Gaga praised Kate Bush's style as "very stimulating".

Kate Bush: "That flatters me. Every artist dreams that others will find their work good. But I have to say about Lady Gaga - apart from the fact that she is a very lovable person - her music sounds very individual."

The British musician Florence Welch is closer to her role model in terms of voice and songwriting. She too: an avowed Bush fan. Kate Bush sees most similarities with the British jazz star and BBC presenter Jamie Cullum. A few years ago she asked him to interview her for his show.

Jamie Cullum: "That was a wonderful experience. I was very excited. Because I admired her so much. There is something mysterious about her." And yet the 38-year-old was relieved to find that she was very unpretentious. "She is like all of us. She is also the mother who makes sure that her child gets to school on time and makes him a lunch break. On the one hand, she is this incredible musical genius. On the other hand, she is very grounded , and she is very nice. "

"There is something meditative about housework"

Grounded, but also eccentric: There are rumors that she is already flying from her British country home to the sea by helicopter. Then again she writes a song about a washing machine. Some of her followers found the song "Mrs. Bartolozzi" shocking.

But Kate Bush said that housework had a positive effect on her psyche: "Even before my son was born, I loved working around the house. Strangely, people get amused about it. But I think there is something meditative about housework."

However, she never liked going on the big stage. Live concerts make the musician nervous. The shy, headstrong and creative Kate Bush still inspires her fans and generations of musicians.