Is sulfur stored in water

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  • sulfur
  • engl.: sulfur
  • S.8
  • Sulfur is a light yellow, non-toxic, brittle, non-conductive solid of low hardness. It is resistant to air and water and burns to sulfur dioxide when heated in air with a blue flame. Sulfur is insoluble in water, but it dissolves easily in carbon disulfide, CS2.
  • Sulfur exists in several allotropic modifications. The form thermodynamically stable under normal conditions is α-sulfur, which consists of crown-shaped, eight-membered rings.
  • Sulfur is a key product for the chemical industry (annual production approx. 5.4 · 107 Metric tons). The vast majority is processed into sulfuric acid. Sulfur is also used in the vulcanization of rubber, in the match industry and in the manufacture of fireworks and gunpowder. In the dye industry, sulfur is used to represent red cinnabar, HgS, and the ultramarines, Na4[Al3Si3O12] Sn, used. It is also used as a pesticide (e.g. for dusting grapevines).
  • Sulfur bacteria, which can enzymatically oxidize sulfidic sulfur to sulfur (or sulfate), make a significant contribution to the global sulfur cycle. They are also the basis for the biochemical extraction of metals (such as copper) from sulfidic ores.