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Add and use a wiki tab in Microsoft Teams

The wiki -Tab is a smart text editor that serves as a communication engine where you can design, edit and chat all in one place.

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Create a wiki tab

Each channel has one wiki Tab.

If you have a full new wiki Tab, select Add tab next to the other tab names in the channel. Select in the Catalog tab wiki out. Name the tab and start writing.

Writing content for your wiki tab

A wiki -Tab contains all popular formatting options like bold, italic and underlined text, highlighting, headers and lists.

Each document on the tab " wiki "is called" page "and each side consists of different ones Sections. To get started, give your page a title, then start creating sections. If you'd like to add a new section, just point to the left side of the page and choose add a new section hereout.

A table of contents is displayed on the left side of the screen. This will help you quickly navigate between pages or even organize something.

Note: Everyone on your team can access the wiki -Access the tab of a standard channel. On the wiki - A private channel's tab can only be accessed by members of that channel.

Create a link to a section

Hover over the section title and select More options > Get linkout.

Chat via the wiki tab

@Mention a person in a section

If you want to talk to a teammate about a page, @mention it on a section. This practice is useful when you want feedback or are waiting for someone to contribute a section to your page. After you @mention a person, you'll receive a notification in your activity feed. Selecting the notification will take you straight to the section that needs your consideration.

Start a chat in a section

If commenting directly in a section is not your style, you can start a conversation on the tab itself by clicking to the right of a section Entertainment section Show choose. From there, you can post questions, leave comments, or @mention your teammates. You have all the same formatting and attachment options as in the normal compose box.

If someone else has already commented on the tab conversation, you can view them on the channel. They also know someone has comments on the tab wiki "left the option at the top of the page "View Section Conversation" is shown.