How does feminism help ugly men

Why feminism is still so important in this day and age

Are women equal? Has feminism reached its goal because there are at least debates going on about how things can be fairer in our country? The opposite is the case. Women are still being pushed into corners and have to listen to brutal insults for many decisions. The fight continues - a comment.

Discrimination is an everyday occurrence - especially on the social media stage

"Well, the dress is pretty tight!" The SPD member of the state parliament Nadine Julitz had to listen to this saying from a colleague from the AfD in the Schwerin state parliament. Needless to say.

For those who consider this saying a compliment. You thought wrong, gentlemen, because that's just sexism. Honestly, it doesn't give a damn to men how women dress. Everyone can decide for themselves what is “pretty close”. You approach for it is? Right: sexism.

This shows up on a small scale, whether at work or in your own home. But also in public space, visible to thousands. Also and above all because everyone can post and say what they think is right on social media. Even if it is a matter of discrimination.

Actually one shouldn't give such sexist statements and people as on the part of the AfD man any reach, just ignore them. Or? No. Because if you keep hushing up such topics over and over again, nothing can improve.

In order to educate people about the effects of such hostility, a movement is needed that deals with freedom and self-determination. Best for all questions related to gender, body and sexual orientation. How good that we have feminism.

Feminism affects everyone - including men

First of all, it should be said that there is no such thing as feminism - and that it does not only affect women. Feminism has many facets. Basically, he advocates equality for all people by taking action against discrimination and sexism. Feminism wants to break gender roles so that women can have a career and men can show emotions. It's about self-determination and freedom without wanting to restrict the freedom of others.

This also includes body positivity and the normalization of women with body hair, for example. As fitness influencer and bodybuilder Franziska Lohberger regularly shows on Instagram.

She recently posted a picture showing the shape of her vulval lips through her jeans. In the said post she speaks out against bodyshaming and writes that as a woman there is no need to be ashamed of the so-called "camel toe", after all, that is quite normal. It is precisely for this reason that the word vulva is used in the following instead of labia. The term labia suggests that this is a part of the body that women should be ashamed of.

Women shouldn't feel ashamed of their bodies.

Franziska Lohberger draws attention to this topic because some users described it as disgusting after wearing jeans in an Instagram story that showed her vulval lips. Franziska Lohberger writes in her post: “Do you know what I find disgusting? That women and girls feel ashamed of their bodies. Men’s genitals that appear as bumps are completely normal. "

Lohberger wants to show that it is normal for men to see a slight dent in the genital area through jeans. In women, however, it is frowned upon if the genitals emerge.

The self-proclaimed comedian Udo Bönstrup, known from "Celebrity Big Brother", promptly makes fun of Franziska Lohberger's post - in front of his more than 161,000 followers. Bönstrup criticizes the fitness influencer, does not take her seriously and claims that she creates problems where there are none in order to get attention.

While Bönstrup apparently cannot take Lohberger's concerns first, the comments under Lohberger's contribution speak a completely different language. Countless users thank the athlete for her courageous and important contribution and show how important it is to address such topics.

What follows is a day-long exchange of blows between feminists and obviously misogynistic men, some of whom insult all influencers who show solidarity.

Anyone who regards “typically öko links fotze” as a legitimate criticism in a discussion has, like Bönstrup, not understood what the real problem is. Men who make fun of women’s problems with hatred and ridicule and then complain loudly when their sexism is mentioned. This shows the sadly sad truth of how far society is from equality.

Unfortunately, there is often a lack of insight into wrong behavior

Influencer Louisa Dellert even tried to explain her point of view to Udo in a fifteen-minute phone call, only so that he would "satirize" her on her in his Instagram story. He threatened feminist Kristina Lunz by voice message with his lawyer and that he would initiate other avenues if she did not delete her posts about the incident.

Bönstrup says sentences like “It's always like that with you feminists. With these ultra turbo feminists, because you are always so ugly, unfucked pieces of bacon, with greasy short hairstyle that just piss me off all day. And Bönstrup now believes that this will help him to show the world that he is not a misogynist?

Udo Bönstrup already polarized with sexist statements in the autumn of this year on “Celebrity Big Brother”. He calls himself a comedian, but misogyny is neither funny nor satire. His sexist insults are far from satire.

With its wide reach, it divides its misogynistic and supposedly satirical sayings and posts into many feeds. Despite their misogynous statements, his posts get likes and positive feedback. The Post currently has around 14,000 likes via Franziska Lohberger.

People like Bönstrup are the reason why we still need feminism in 2020. When misogynist things are said even in politics or when women try to say “I know that, but think tactically, little mouse”. Keep calm, you have to think a little longer. As a woman, it's a bit more difficult, right? ”As AFD politician Christian Lüth did to YouTuber Lisa Licentia. Or if his party colleague in Schwerin thinks he is entitled to comment on the clothes of a politician.

Gone are the days when threats and insults made women back down and shut up. No matter how sad it is, feminism is as important as ever. After all, there are still people, mostly men, who seemingly got stuck in the 19th century and continue to view women as objects or inferior. The behavior change has to come from those with privileges in order to make the whole thing better.

Whether Trump, any influencer or AfD politician - sexism, racism and discrimination against minorities are still firmly anchored in our society, although it looks much better compared to 100 years ago. We must not stop fighting for equality for all people, even in a small personal circle. Perhaps then people will learn that love can get you further than hate.

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