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From Circus Krone: famous lion grandpa Kasanga is dead

Circus Krone mourns the loss of one of its greatest stars: Löwe Kasanga made his debut in the ring in 2002. Now the animal has fallen asleep forever.

The world-famous Circus Krone mourns one of its most famous lions. The 22-year-old lion Kasanga died on Sunday as a result of his old age. He mourns his best animal friend, said star trainer Martin Lacey junior, husband of circus director Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone, in Munich.

The elderly Leo had repeatedly shown signs of old age over the past few months. Lacey had repeatedly reckoned with Grandpa's death among the Crown Lions. He himself kept watch next to the animal for nights and now accompanied it to the very end. A veterinarian was also involved.

Kasanga was born in 1999 to the Lacey family of animal teachers. In 2002 he made his debut in the ring. Lions are Lacey's parade animals. As a young lion, Kasanga accompanied Lacey to all major festivals and competitions.

Kasanga's work in the circus ended in 2014

Together, the two achieved the highest awards in the circus world - for example at the international festival in Monte Carlo. Kasanga ended his active time in the ring in 2014, but stayed with Lacey at Circus Krone until the end.

"I am very sad because Kasanga has enriched and shaped my life incredibly intensively," said Lacey. "With him by my side, I've achieved everything I could have wished for. Kasanga is not just one side of my life, it's a whole chapter."

The circus has more than two dozen lions. He also owes Kasanga an impressive number of offspring. "Whenever I look into the eyes of his numerous children, I see him myself," said Lacey. Like all circuses, Krone is suffering a lot from the Corona crisis due to the cancellation of the performances.

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