What makes a great group fitness instructor

What is PumpMeUp - barbell training?

You owe training success mainly to your will, but of course also to excellent workout methods. Literally take your luck into your own hands. Grab a barbell and rely on the effects of this great full body workout. PumpMeUp is a barbell fitness program to strengthen, shape and tone your whole body. Body styling as an effective barbell workout in the form of group training choreographed to music. That sounds incredible and it is! Namely, incredibly effective. Just different from normal. We'll soon see what you get out of it, because the PumpMeUp barbell workout really does something.

Almost no other training program can offer more training effects for the whole body if your goal is to style all parts of the body. PumpMeUp barbell training offers more training effects for the whole body and for perfect strength endurance. Traditional barbell exercises with choreography to music combine in a surprising way to create a great workout that you can really feel in every muscle fiber.

The training effects read like the fulfillment of your dreams. This course tightens the muscles in the shortest possible time, but without direct muscle building, you become lean and athletic. With an increased basal metabolic rate of energy, the body fat percentage decreases at the same time. PumpMeUp can also be an optimal addition to muscle building training. It sustainably improves the supply of nutrients to the muscles. The advantages of holistically trained muscles are convincing: joints and spine are protected and the spine is even relieved of the stresses of everyday life with the right lifting technique.



- "Pump it up!" -