Where can I get MP3 downloads

Legal MP3 downloads - that's how it really works

You can find legal MP3 downloads not only on iTunes, Amazon and Co. There are other ways to legally download MP3 files on the Internet and this does not only apply to downloads of YouTube music.

Sure, the easiest way to get legal MP3 downloads is to buy the files anywhere that is allowed. You can find music of any style at Musikload, iTunes, Amazon or in the Google Store and you can download the MP3 files legally - for a fee. Things get more complicated when you're looking for free MP3 downloads. Converting a music video from YouTube to an MP3 file and downloading it is a legal gray area called “private copying”. But there are other sources as well.

Which MP3 files can you legally download?

In rare cases, you will be offered the music of well-known artists as a completely legal and free download in MP3 format.

For example, world star Neil Young recently announced that he would be offering all of his musical works as MP3 downloads for free at neilyoungarchives.com. Everything should be available free of charge and in the quality of its master tapes by the end of June 2018. Then he charges a small usage fee.

But something like that is more of an exception and that simply means that you can usually download the music of unknown musicians legally as MP3, while you continue to fill the pockets of the music industry in the shops.

Alternatively, many people view YouTube as a constant source of free music, and that's perfectly fine as long as it is streaming in real time. But YouTube's terms and conditions prohibit downloading music in MP3 format. As long as you do not register with YouTube, you are strictly not subject to these terms and conditions. The German “right to private copies” allows you to make such copies as long as they come from legal sources. YouTube, in turn, has to take care of that itself. Sites like convert2mp3 let you make such private copies - which ultimately means MP3 downloads from YouTube. How undesirable this practice is, however, can be seen from the fact that the corresponding MP3 download apps for YouTube usually disappear from Google's Playstore in a flash - since Google is the parent company of YouTube.

Our video shows you how you can record music yourself on your PC:

Where can I get free MP3 downloads?

If you want it to be one hundred percent legal and at the same time free of charge, then only the works of unknown artists are actually considered for your MP3 downloads. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're amateur cellar bands. On pages like Music download24 you will find numerous MP3 downloads that come directly from talented artists, about which you can find out more here and whom you can contact. The offer is arranged according to categories, in German and absolutely free of charge.

Another, very interesting offer comes from Mercedes Benz and leads you back to iTunes: under the name "Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape Compilation" you can find some very professional and worthwhile MP3 collections for free download here.


If you are looking for free music of all styles that you can use in your own projects and for setting free of charge, then you should "Unminus“Look! This site tries to become a kind of "Unsplash for music" and takes the world-famous photo portal for free pictures as a model.

Jamendo is the name of a portal where you can find free streaming as well as free MP3s for download. The offer is impressive, both in terms of quality and quantity. It is worth browsing through here and you can also first listen to the music in the stream without downloading it. The interesting thing about this offer is that you can also find music there for use in videos and you can even order GEMA-free background music for business at very low prices.

Free and also legal MP3 downloads are available from Sound spy. The German portal searches the Internet for free music downloads and accordingly has its own category of the same name. Here you have to pay attention always click the link "Free Download"to avoid accidentally ending up on Amazon - where most of the other links take you. The main advantage of sound spy is that it takes the viewers off your hands. Because the free MP3s are mostly from SoundCloud.

If you know any other sources for really legal MP3 downloads, let us and your fellow readers know in the comments.