Can blockchain technology be forged

Where are talents and IT developers forged for the Bitcoin ecosystem?

The whining about the lack of professionals in the development scene has been around for a long time. Because howling alone neither creates new cracks nor attracts invisible talent, the President of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland forges the urgently needed offspring himself. Or better: he lets forge and provides the forge with the right tools

Bitcoin developer forge 21 lectures

According to statements by Lucas Betschart brings 21 Lectures from now on the world's best experts for Bitcoin, cryptography and distributed computing at the start to train the next generation of developers. The aim: to get more software developers and new talents excited about the crypto world and bring their expertise to the Swiss Bitcoin ecosystem.

The next advanced courses start on March 4th, 2019, beginners can dock in May 2019.

The lecturers

As already pointed out by the school: the best. According to 21 lectures, these best include:Jonas Schnelli, one of the four maintainers worldwide who has the editing rights for the Bitcoin core code. In addition, shouldChristian Decker, Developer at the Lightning Network, as wellJames Chiang, Marko Bencun, Kaspar EtterandHenrik Jonsson teach participants the basics of working with Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Strong initiative

Instead of desperately and unsuccessfully searching the open horizon for talent, the expanding Crypto Valley is installing its own school and training the specialists itself. To put it in a very analogous way: pragmatically, nails are made with heads.

Lucas Betschart, CEO & Founder of 21 Lectures:

In Switzerland, the Bitcoin and FinTech ecosystem is establishing itself more and more and is becoming increasingly popular - I am delighted to be participating in future-oriented advanced training with 21 lectures

A strong idea and a future-oriented project because: Training centers like this are urgently needed to secure the lead for the blockchain and crypto nation Switzerland.