EBay sellers can see who is bidding

Principle of bidding on your own offers

Principle of bidding on your own offers

It is forbidden to bid on one's own offers or to allow them to bid (so-called "shill bidding"). This also includes bids from people who know the seller personally.

What exactly do we mean by bidding on our own offers?

  • A seller offers his car on eBay. In the course of the auction, he realizes that his car could produce less than he had hoped. To prevent the car from being sold for less than planned, the seller places bids on his own car via another eBay member account to drive up the price.
  • An eBay member sells their MP3 player on eBay. During the offer period, a friend of the seller also bids on the MP3 player, although he does not want to buy it and only wants to drive up the price or demand. A third person then bids EUR 5.00 more and is the highest bidder at the end of the offer and has bought the item. The friend's earlier bid was inadmissible because the friend did not really want to buy the item and the highest bidder paid a higher price as a result.
  • An eBay member sells his bike on eBay. The seller's sister is bidding. Since the seller's sister can gain an information advantage over other bidders, she is forbidden to bid on the bike, even if she really wants to buy it.

Why is it forbidden to bid on your own offers?

By bidding on your own offers, trust in the eBay marketplace is damaged, as this manipulates the price formation in the context of online auctions and prevents fair bidding competition.

Because family members, roommates, employees, or business partners of a seller can get information about an item that could give them a bidding advantage, they are not allowed to bid on the seller's offers - even if they really want to buy the item.

In addition, bidding on your own offers can be used to artificially improve rating profiles or your ranking in the search. Please also read our policy on manipulating reviews.

Exceptions to the principle of bidding on your own offers

Family members, roommates, employees or business partners of a seller (e.g. a sales agent) are allowed to purchase offers using "Buy It Now", as the price cannot be manipulated. Forbidden It is, however, to only buy or have items bought with the aim of changing the percentage ratio of the detailed seller ratings to the number of items sold.

Violation of our principles

Note: The decision as to whether there is a violation of our principles rests solely with eBay. You can be assured that we will carefully examine every report of a violation of our principles.

A violation of one of our principles can result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • Deletion of active (and already ended) offers and search ads
  • Restricting the use of the eBay marketplace (i.e. buying, bidding or selling is no longer possible)
  • temporary or permanent exclusion from the eBay marketplace
  • Withholding eBay fees for deleted listings
  • Loss of PowerSeller status

Note: In some countries around the world, bidding on your own items is prohibited by law and therefore punishable.