Conservatives are getting lazy

Lichtenberger: The service directive is a lazy compromise

Conservatives and socialists delegate decision to the ECJ

Vienna (OTS) - "The services directive passed today by the two large groups in the European Parliament only leads to further legal uncertainty and is an example of non-transparent legislation. Today the conservatives and socialists turned a miserable Commission proposal into a bad law", criticizes Eva Lichtenberger, MEP for the Greens. Although the country of origin principle no longer appears as a word in the proposal, it is by no means off the table. Several speakers from the EPP would have made this explicit in the debate.

"Spongy compromises do not belong in any legislative proposal. In this way, the Parliament relinquishes its task as legislator and leaves the decision-making authority to the European Court of Justice," Lichtenberger continues to criticize. The socialists' voluntary renunciation of the right of the member states to be able to impose conditions on service providers for consumer protection and social reasons is even a relapse behind the rulings of the ECJ.

The Greens, on the other hand, have presented a clear alternative that enables a service provider to access the market easily according to the rules of the country of origin, but regulates the actual provision of services on site according to the standards and laws of the respective country in which the service is provided.

The regulations on the scope of the directive are also problematic. Instead of making a clear distinction between commercial services and services geared to the common good, there would now be a myriad of individual exceptions of different rank. "The result is a patchwork quilt with gaps in the right and gray areas," said Lichtenberger.

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