What's the best karaoke song to sing about

The most popular German karaoke hits

Go sing! Karaoke songs are a popular pastime around the world. Stars are imitated unrestrainedly, regardless of whether their voices are oiled or not. German karaoke hits like “Breathless Through the Night” mean that fans no longer just shout their favorite songs while driving or showering, but also consciously try to reproduce the displayed karaoke text one-to-one. That is why one of the most popular pastimes in Germany is: karaoke. However, this is rarely free! Many manufacturers have made it their business to create karaoke versions of songs. Here we introduce you to popular karaoke CDs, MP3s and DVDs.

"Best of Helene Fischer"

Helene Fischer's titles are made for karaoke. Thanks to the German language, children can sing along to their texts and young and old feel attracted by the rhythms. The generations sing karaoke anyway when they hear, for example, "Breathless through the night" - let's be honest, who has never strained the vocal cords here?

For ambitious singers there are Helene Fischer hits on karaoke CD. On June 1, 2013, a CD + G format with the best of Helene Fischer was released to sing along. “CD + G” is a file on which normally only the instruments can be heard and the lyrics are also displayed so that you don't have to spend hours memorizing karaoke texts. The advantage of this CD: With the chorus there is usually an additional choir to support as a vocal track. So the layman looks even more like a real superstar when he sings.

Karaoke versions like “You catch me and let me fly”, [“In the middle of paradise”] (http://www.schlagerplanet.com/schlager-mp3-songs/helene-fischer-mitten-im-paradies_p1581241.html #Karaoke Version (MP3 download), "From here to infinity", "I always want to feel this fever" and "Sometimes love just comes out" will make your party a great success. The only drawback with this best-of: "Breathless through the night" is logically no longer in this version due to the publication date on October 4, 2013 and thus after the best-of was published. On SchlagerPlanet, however, you can always enter your favorite title and the word "karaoke" in the search field, then there is often the option to download karaoke online. So you can easily download your favorite tracks as MP3 karaoke.

"Best of Peter Alexander"

Two best-ofs from Peter Alexander are now available. We recommend the savings set, which contains both DVDs, so you can get karaoke hits like "Im Weisse Rössl am Wolfgangsee", "Wien, Wien, only you alone", "Die kleine Kneipe", "Say hello when you say goodbye" and “Fräulein Wunderbar” in one fell swoop at a special price. The set was released on April 1st, 2014, so it's still very current. Here you also get the instrumental versions as a complete playback, all texts are faded in on the screen and choirs are used for the refrains to reinforce the effect.

German cult hits

Actually a Japanese word: karaoke. It took Germany around 20 years for the trend to really take hold in the 1990s; the first devices for playback singing were sold in Tokyo as early as 1971. On the other hand, we are all the more enthusiastic about leisure activities, because German cult hits are rhythmically and lyrically already so in our collective consciousness that the karaoke texts almost no longer have to be faded in. In 2003 a karaoke version with German cult hits was released, exclusively with top hits. The ten songs can be called up in beginner and expert mode, the menu navigation is simple and simple and therefore kept clear. The only downer: “A bit of peace” by Nicole is in disco sound - that's not something for every fan. Here is the track list:

  1. "But with cream, please" - Udo Jürgens
  2. "Fiesta Mexicana" - Rex Gildo
  3. “Marble, stone and iron breaks” - Drafi Deutscher
  4. “He belongs to me” - Marianne Rosenberg
  5. “Dance samba with me” - Toni Holiday
  6. "Moscow" - Genghis Khan
  7. “No man can be that beautiful” - Gitte Haenning
  8. "Anita" - Costa Cordalis
  9. "Greek Wine" - Udo Jürgens
  10. “A little peace” - Nicole

Which German karaoke songs do you prefer to sing at parties? Tell us your favorites here!