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Recommended iOS apps for room planning

Where is the best place for the new couch? Which wall color suits the living room? And how do you put the bed in the room or not? Furnishing and room planner apps can answer these questions. With just a few clicks you can design and furnish entire rooms in a short time - without moving furniture or opening the paint bucket.

By default, you first create a floor plan with these apps, cover the floor and walls, and then set up with various furnishings. Some of the apps presented even have 3D objects and a 3D view. This means that you can virtually save yourself through your newly designed space. In addition to room planning apps, there are also other mobile helpers that you can use to measure your room using photos, for example. The "myPantone" color palette app is also very helpful for interior designers and color fanatics.

In our gallery you will find recommended iOS apps to help you plan your apartment or house:

  1. Room arranger
    The simple operation of "Room Arranger" enables you to draw a floor plan of a room, office or an entire apartment in no time at all. The app offers a 2D and 3D view as standard and the option of designing several floors with a wide range of colors and textures. The choice of furniture is also sufficient. You can easily save your projects thanks to the Dropbox or iCloud connection and even print them out at a scale of 1:50. The app is available free of charge in English. However, if you want to save your projects, you have to activate the function via in-app purchase.

  2. Price: free
  3. Home Design 3D - Free
    "Home Design 3D" helps you to plan your interiors and to furnish or redecorate your house or apartment. In the free version, you can test all of the app's functions, but you cannot save any projects. For this you need the full version for 6.99 euros. In the 2D view, you can design and design interiors with doors, windows, partition walls and not to forget with furniture, carpets, lamps and other home accessories. There are over 800 different objects and components available to you for this. You can also design the outside area of ​​your house. In 3D mode, you get a photo-realistic view and have the option of visiting your apartment at any time of the day, depending on the amount of sunlight.

  4. Price: free
  5. Room design
    "Room Design" offers you over 800 interior and exterior objects and 680 3D objects. Furniture can be adjusted and moved with millimeter or inch precision. In addition, the dimensions from wall to furniture and wall to door or window are also displayed. You can export your plans as 3D or 2D images, save them and send them by email.

  6. Price: 3.99 euros
  7. Room Design for iPad
    "Room Design for iPad" offers the same functions as the iPhone app, but costs almost twice as much. The advantage of the iPad is clearly its size. It can be used to work better and faster.

  8. Price: 7.99 euros
  9. Homestyler interior design
    With the free app “Homestyler Interior Design” from Autodesk Inc. you can experiment to your heart's content in your four walls. To do this, select a photo of your room from the gallery or take a photo. A photo of your own room is only suitable if it is completely empty. Otherwise, the app also provides many empty rooms to choose from. You can then equip these with real furniture, lamps and accessories and move them as you wish. You can test wall colors with a swipe of the smartphone screen. With the help of a social media connection, you have the opportunity to share your design ideas with friends. In the 3D design stream, you can be inspired by fully furnished rooms and also comment and like them. To do this, however, you have to register with an email address or your Facebook account.

  10. Price: free

Photo Measures

  1. Price: free
  2. MyPantone
  3. With the “MyPatone” app you always have the entire range of approx. 13,000 Pantone colors with you. You can capture and extract colors from photos and display the closest Pantone color. The app also generates harmonious color combinations. You can send your own color palettes by e-mail as HTML images, .ase files (Adobe Creative Suite), QuarkXPress or CorelDraw files. You can print out the color palette you have created using Airprint.
  4. Price: 9.99 euros
  5. Room planner home design
  6. The English language app "Rom Planner Home Design" also supports you in planning your living space. Use drag and drop to fill the rooms with furniture, doors, windows and paint the walls in your favorite colors. You can equip floors with a wide variety of textures and materials. Thanks to the 3D view, you get a real impression of the entire apartment.
  7. Price: free
  8. Roomle
  9. "Roomle" is a free planning app that helps you plan and furnish your living space. In order to be able to use "Roomle", you have to register. This allows you to save your projects and synchronize them with the web version. At the beginning you draw the floor plan with your finger, you can switch between 2D and 3D view. After you have drawn in the windows, doors and partitions, you can start painting and furnishing. "Roomle" provides hundreds of pieces of furniture and home accessories as well as a wide range of colors for walls and floors. A special function is the augmented reality view through the camera of your iPad. With it you can see real furniture and furnishings in their real environment. Share completed plans on Facebook or Twitter.
  10. Price: free
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