What is the point of the exhaust

Everything about the sports exhaust system

The vehicle manufacturer has given the exhaust two tasks. It should clean the resulting exhaust gases through the catalytic converter and dissipate them as quietly as possible through the rear silencer. A commercially available exhaust absorbs the pressure surges from the combustion in the engine and creates back pressure. A sports exhaust only slightly accumulates the exhaust gas and thus achieves better pull-in behavior and higher performance.


For better heat dissipation, we work with metal wool in a sports exhaust system and due to a larger pipe cross-section, the exhaust pressure does not build up as much. This means that the engine does not have to use as much power to direct the exhaust gases into the exhaust system and there is an increase in performance of three to five percent. If a variant with double silencer systems with two or more tailpipes without a catalytic converter should be selected in order to get the best performance out of the car, you should proceed with caution. In addition to the increased pollution, this can also lead to higher operating costs.

Complete exhaust system or just muffler

The installation of an enlarged silencer serves more optical purposes, because logically, the exhaust gases generated by the engine must first pass through the narrower pipe cross-section before they can have it easier with the wider silencer. Optionally, double pipe covers, square or V-shaped end pots can be mounted. As an additional effect, the engine noise sounds different - more aggressive and closer to racing. As an average talented screwdriver, the muffler can be assembled by yourself. As a tuning measure, the assembly of a complete exhaust system with a readjustment of the lambda probe makes sense, because this is the only way to achieve a real increase in performance. However, before retrofitting, you should seek advice from a specialist and find out about the costs. In any case, an increase in performance is subject to registration and, under certain circumstances, the vehicle may fall into a different insurance class.

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