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At Grounded you fight as a tiny figure against insects

1:40 Grounded Trailer - Obsidian enters the survival genre very small

The Outer Worlds is followed by Grounded: Obsidian Entertainment and Microsoft are the first joint project to not publish another role-playing game - but rather a survival title with co-op mode, which will be released in a basic version for Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview.

After the release in spring 2020, Obsidian plans to gradually add new content. Grounded was announced at Microsoft's in-house exhibition XO, where a new trailer for Age of Empires 4 was also shown.

Grounded has a wacky scenario: four teenagers get through a failed experiment shrunk to the size of a thumb and fight for their survival in a front yard. With self-made weapons and armor, you and three comrades-in-arms defend yourself against swarms of ants and (from the perspective of the tiny figures) huge spiders.

Grounded can also be played alone in single player mode, but the focus is clearly on PvE with other players. There is no PvP mode, but there is friendly fire.

Grounded offers an ego perspective, but can also be played from a third person view.

Grounded: Fortnite PvE in the garden

In several biomes with different landscapes (sandpit, lawn, etc.) you build structures, interfaces and graphics with collected raw materials such as blades of grass, strongly reminiscent of Fortnite - Grounded also uses Epics Unreal Engine 4. The world is built entirely by hand and not procedurally generated as in No Man's Sky.

Developer Obsidian wants to pay at least a small amount of respect to his RPG roots in the new game. In the course of the story missions you should make decisionseven if there are no multiple choice dialogues. Game Director Adam Brennecke did not want to reveal exactly how this works.

Skins yes, microtransactions no
According to Adam Brennecke, there will be cosmetic items in Grounded that you can use to beautify your character. However, Obsidian does not want to build an in-game shop with microtransactions for real money. The special items and skins have to be earned in the game. In an interview with GameStar, Brennecke also ruled out any kind of DLC for Grounded.

A matter of the heart for Obsidian

It is already known that there is a research tree. Among other things, you will unlock a gas mask with which previously inaccessible places can be explored using insect spray. Climbing, swimming, and diving are just a few of the getting around Grounded.

Grounded - View screenshots of the co-op survival game

At Obsidian Entertainment, only a small team of a good dozen people works on Grounded. The idea for the project first came up during the Kickstarter campaign by Pillars of Eternity - when the successor Deadfire appeared in May 2018, the concept was pursued because the developers themselves liked this form of survival games with crafting elements.

So now the new studio owner is releasing Microsoft Groundedin spring 2020 - The release takes place in parallel to Steam and Microsoft Store also with a Game Pass subscription for PC and Xbox One.

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