How many kilometers is Delhi from Varanasi

Delhi gets second international airport

Relief for Indira Gandhi Airport: India's capital region Delhi is getting a new airport. "Now that the central government has given the green light, construction work on the second international airport in the region of the National Capital Territory of Delhi will begin at the end of 2018," said the civil aviation office of the state of Uttar Pradesh according to the Times of India newspaper in April.

The airport is to be built near the city of Jewar, which is around 78 kilometers southeast of the city center of the capital New Delhi by car and around 88 kilometers from Indira Gandhi Airport. The new airport is scheduled to start operating in 2022/2023. With what capacity is something unclear. While the Times of India writes of 6 million passengers per year, citing government data, it quotes a representative of a building authority who speaks of 12 million. In any case, the airport is expected to grow until it can cope with up to 100 million travelers per year by 2050.

Small cities are to be connected

A study by the consulting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers predicts that 85 percent of passengers will come from domestic traffic. The government of Uttar Pradesh declares: "Jewar airport will be able to connect small cities with Delhi under Udan." Udan is a plan of the Indian government: through subsidies and the opening of previously unused airports, it wants to better develop more remote regions of the country and thus accelerate their development.

According to the Hindustan Times newspaper, Jewar Airport is to be built on an area of ​​5000 hectares (50 square kilometers), making it the largest in India in terms of area. It therefore offers space for up to four runways.

Capital airport is growing vigorously

Around 60 million passengers used Indira Gandhi Airport last year. However, the number of passengers is growing. According to the government of Uttar Pradesh, the airport could handle almost 100 million passengers by 2022. Pricewaterhouse Coopers expects 100 million travelers in 2024 or 2025.