Why does my fish swim irregularly

Keep fish in the aquarium

The most important thing about the aquarium is definitely the inhabitants! Because without them, even the best aquarium will get boring over time. There are a variety of unique tropical and subtropical ornamental fish that can bring your aquarium to life.

Assemble aquarium fish

Fish have their own character - while some are loners and need their own territory, many fish can be kept in pairs or in whole schools. In any case, get advice from a specialist before buying which fish species are suitable for your planned aquarium.

In general, fish that are kept in a community aquarium must have the same requirements in terms of light, water temperature and quality. When buying, make sure that the fish species have different swimming areas, i.e. like to swim on the surface of the water or in deeper areas - that brings life to the booth!

In addition, you should not "overpopulate" the aquarium. First of all, especially as a beginner, start with a few types of fish. You should buy new groups of fish every two weeks so that the individual groups can acclimatize in their new homes before new residents arrive.

The basic rule is: every peace-loving fish should have at least 2 to 3 liters of water available in the aquarium for each cm of its body size.

Transport and placement of the fish

Before you put the fish in, you should pay attention to the "running-in time" of the aquarium of 3 to 4 weeks! Also make a water test before inserting the fish!

After you have received new fish in a transport bag, you should make sure that they are transported in it without too much vibration and not for too long. The longer the transport route, the more air or oxygen should be in the bag - clarify the filling quantity in advance when purchasing!

When you get home, you can proceed as follows to insert the fish:

Carefully place the closed transport bag in the aquarium for about 20 minutes. This is how you ensure temperature compensation. The greater the temperature differences in the bag and aquarium, the longer you should wait. Now carefully open the bag at the top and gradually add water from the aquarium (approx. Every 10 minutes) so that the water values ​​adjust and the fish can slowly get used to them. Now you can release the fish from the bag into their new realm. To do this, carefully lift the fish out with a net.

The most popular types of fish

  • guppy
    The guppy is very popular with beginners. It belongs to the group of viviparous toothcarps. He is happy to multiply. Guppies and platies are sociable, so it is best to keep multiple animals at a time. Because of their long fins, guppies shouldn't be combined with fin pluckers like tiger barbs and fighting fish.

  • Platy
    Platys live true to their location and are surface-oriented. The livebearers are omnivores. There is a huge variety of shades of color. They are particularly suitable for beginners due to their modesty.