How do we use the Bible?

Bible in everyday life

We encounter the biblical message in everyday life. We'll show you where.

In everyday life we ​​come across the Bible in many places where we sometimes don't even suspect it. Whether symbols and signs in everyday life or with our campaigns: We show you how close the biblical message is to everyday life.

Christian symbols in everyday life

In everyday life there are many symbols and signs that have to do with the Christian religion and the Bible - but few people know their meaning. Discover with us 52 of these symbols and signs in the 2017/2018 church year and decipher their meaning!


Moments of light

"Lichtmomente" searches for traces of people who are changing their world today. People who may not have a great voice in our society, but who achieve great things. Who stand up for others without expecting anything in return. We accompany you to the fringes of our society.


Consolation, courage, confidence

Anyone who gets into a crisis needs encouragement. This encouragement can look different: an encouraging message on the mobile phone, a small present in the mailbox, friends who are just there, an encouraging verse from the Bible, unexpected help with everyday tasks. Encouragement of any kind is good for you.