Which vectors are called non-parallel vectors

Definition of a vector as parallel displacement in space Andreas Pester University of Applied Sciences Techikum Kärnten, Villach
[email protected]Summary: In this section the term length (amount) of a vector is explained

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From the point of view of physics and geometry, vectors are arrows (directed quantities) with a certain direction and length. It doesn't matter where the vector is, but it doesn't matter where it is pointing and how long it is. For example, in the graph below, all vectors are mathematically the same. They all point in the same direction and are all of the same length. All of these vectors are just shifted. Mathematically, this type of displacement is called parallel displacement in space.

Vectors are directed quantities. They are fully characterized by specifying a numerical value (a unit of measurement) and a direction. Vectors characterize the parallel displacement of the space from the point a in the Point B. It applies if there is a translation that in and in convicted.

Parallel displacement of the vector