Is there Lidl in Zadar Croatia

Croatia: shopping on vacation!

There are things that just have to be done. And that also on vacation: shopping. Whether it's the drink for the beach, the steak for the grill or the sunscreen for the beach; there is no way around a supermarket. But be careful!

Not all supermarkets are the same

Who doesn't know that from their vacation. You're thirsty, stumble into the next shop, which happens to be on the way, and pay € 2 for a small bottle of mineral water. That, my dear reader, was a business, but one that lives off tourists and is only open three or four months a year. My tip: If it's an emergency, go in there and buy something - but avoid it if you can. You have to decide for yourself whether you will be ripped off.

My recommendation: In Granz Croatia there are kiosks, small tobacconists who are allowed to sell a lot. So you not only get cigarettes, newspapers or lottery tickets there, but also the most important groceries. Including mineral water. They are always cheaper than these small shops in overcrowded tourist areas.

Plodine, Konzum, Kaufland, Lidl and Co.

As in every country, there are also large chains in Croatia. These go by the names Plodine, Konzum, Billa, Lidl, Kaufland, etc - if you have the opportunity, go shopping in one of these shops. Because: You offer goods at very good prices. They are always open (in the season until 11 p.m.!) And the locals also go shopping there. This is also an indication that this is not a typical tourist booth with overpriced goods.

But also here: Warning! Most of the time, these chains are also found in holiday home areas and campsites. They pay very high rents there and have to compensate for this with slightly higher prices. That's why here too - if you have the opportunity, get in the car and go shopping in a regular supermarket.

Where can I find the “good” supermarkets?

Well, if you see one and there are a lot of cars with Croatian license plates parked there, that's a good sign. Alternatively, you can find out where the branches are on the websites of the respective chains.


Should I take groceries with me on vacation?

No you don't need that. As a rule, groceries in Croatia are, sometimes significantly, cheaper than in Austria or Germany. Milk, bread and the like cost very little. Beer in the bottle costs around 6.5 kuna, which at an exchange rate of currently 7.56 kuna to one euro makes 85 euro cents.

And what about the deposit?

You have probably asked yourself several times why some people in Croatia look for bottles and cans in garbage cans and drive around with huge sacks. Well, a few years ago the Croatian government decided to collect a deposit on plastic cans and bottles. That's 50 Lipa per can or plastic bottle, the equivalent of 6 euro cents. For people who get very little government support, that can be a nice little extra income - and that's why they look for bottles and cans.

If you don't care about the deposit, feel free to throw away the plastic cans and bottles and make someone happy. Or you can collect these and bring them back to a supermarket.

Things look different with bottles made of glass. There the deposit is much higher (I don't have a bottle on hand at the moment) and have to be brought back to the supermarket where it was bought. Danger! You have to take the bill with you! Otherwise the shop will not take the box / bottles back!