What is AlibabaCloud Elasticsearch

Summary: ELK is a popular technique for log analysis, and many Ali Cloud users are choosing to do an open source elastic search in ECS. Compared to the self-emitting source Elastisearch, Ali Cloud has provided ElasticSearch Performance Optimization, Assisted Elastic Expansion, and X-Pack with commercial editions that provide users with ready-to-use managed services.

ELK is a popular technical choice in the field of log analysis, and many Ali Cloud users are choosing to do an open source elastic search in ECS. Currently, Alibaba Cloud and ES have officially launched elastic product collaboration, introduced together with Ali Cloud ElasticSearch. Compared to the self-built open source software, this product has the performance optimization that supports elastic expansion, and comes with X-Pack commercial editions to provide flawless management services to users. This article explains in depth the Commercial Edition Components X-Pack.
X-Pack introduction
Ali Cloud ElasticSearch is equipped with X-Pack, the security, monitoring, alarms, reporting, analyzing charts, and machine learning. Six extension components, may be able to install plugins Seamless docking with Elastisearch, Kibana.

Security component
In January 2017, the ELASTICSEARCH data futon event was burst, and the data is at least 50 billion long involved, at least 450 TB was deleted. Security components in X-Pack provide appropriate security solutions that enable IT and application teams to distinguish and manage normal users and malicious intruders depending on the X-Pack; At the same time, the data stored in ElasticsEarc has always enjoyed reliable security. Guaranteed, business leaders and customers have nothing to worry about.

Password management
Combined with an authorization system, e.g. Custom realms such as Active Directory and LDAP can be created to support your own identity management system or use our built-in original verification.

User and role rights management
controls the user's permissions in ElasticSearch. Authorized IT / Operations team monitor ElasticSearch cluster health status, but does not authorize viewing or changing of data. Or the read-only permissions for marketing dedicated data, but deny them to access other indexes.

Data encryption
With SSL / TLS encryption, you can protect end-to-end transfers, HTTP transfers, and client traffic throughout Elastic Search. IP screening also prevents you from adding your cluster or communicating with your cluster hosting without allowed hosts.

Offer provision of audit protocols.
The audit log function in X-Pack enables you to maintain a complete record of all systems and user activities, which helps you comply with the internal security guidelines and HIPAA, PCI-DSS, Fisma, compliance of ISO and other specifications.

Monitoring and alarm components
ELK application performance monitoring
X-Pack provides performance monitoring from Elasticssuche, Kibana, and Logstash. The dashboard collection can help you assess the status of the dashboard at all levels while providing all the necessary information so that you can maximize the role of the ELK system.

Implement real-time analysis and historical analysis
can be used for reference last week, last month, or last year, analyzing today's cluster performance. And help you optimize storage space and storage with historical data for future capacity planning.

Customization and management alert
Detect data changes, customizable alarm information and notification channels. The alarm can be managed and monitored by Kibana and can be viewed and operated in the alarm history.

Report assembly.
Ali Cloud ElaticSearch users can open box X-Pack ready to quickly generate reports for Kibana visualization or dashboard. Users can take over reports, appoint reports, trigger reports, automatically share the report with third parties. The architecture adopted from the report provides the report with scalability and enables information to be obtained in Kibana anytime, anywhere in Kibana.

Graphic arrangement
Graph component is an API and UI based tool that has the related relationships of your data in place and can use any ElasticSearch function in any scale, for example distributed. Query execution, real-time data availability and indexing, etc. Can be applied to anti-fraud, personalized recommendation, security analysis and other scenes.

Relationship visualization in Kibana
Diagram UI in Kibana Here you can visually view the links of the graphics function. Any map, timeline, pie chart or original documentation in Kibana visualize and drill detailed information. Click on the network-erected map and interact with the character to see connection intensity, and even custom colors and icons.

Machine learning component.
Data complex and varied when infrastructure issues, intruders or business problems are almost impossible to use rules or find problems through artificial monitoring dashboards. X-Pack discontinues machine learning to automatically simulate the behavior of ElasticSearch data in real time - trends, cycle, etc. and to find problems faster, simplify root cause analysis and reduce false positive rates.

IT operations and maintenance
Discover the application demand quantity decrease, then explore the problem of unusual problems vice versa.

Security analysis
Discover abnormal network activity or user behavior, precise positioning attack before the attacker-making the destruction.

Economic analysis
If the abnormal cart on your ecommerce website is abnormal, give them a notification.

Ali Cloud ElasticSearch.
Ali Cloud ElasticSearch is officially released, Ali clouds and elastic open source official joint development, integrated 5.5.3 Commercial Version X-Pack function, welcome to use.