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One likes to give oneself to social utopianism in better circles - well isolated and in preferred residential areas - and think about whether it is really fair in this world, and whether those who are even richer than oneself are no longer contributing to justice should. After a visit to a pond in Gerolfing, an insignificant village near the small town of Ingolstadt in a pretty but retrograde region called Upper Bavaria, the answer is very clear: No.

State and municipality are entitled and obliged to keep access to mountains, lakes, rivers and other scenic beauties free for the general public and, if necessary, to clear them by restricting property rights and to create hiking trails and recreational parks.
The Constitution of the Free State of Bavaria

Let's just go for a swim, she says. Let's take the old bikes, across meadows and dirt roads to a pretty lake, with lonely bays, green water and lush grass. And ants and screaming children and hopefully not too many broken pieces in the water, one could say, but it's hot, the old town is stuffy, and outside in the alluvial forest, under mighty oaks, the lakes and oxbow lakes line the Danube. It is a very special beauty, this natural forest, and below in the water the catfish, up to four meters long and 80 years old, is a primitive animal, and other things that you do not get to see in overcrowded outdoor pools for entry. And so I inflate tires, adjust her saddle, and quickly we leave the city, the noise and the bad air behind us.

The path leads through the Westviertel, I point to houses and tell the stories of their residents, the pharmacist's daughters and entrepreneur's sons who are scattered around the world today, I tell about the past and old age, and then we turn into the forest, where it is there is only nature, the river and the dirt road. No more classes, no more questions about horsepower and price, just whirring spokes in the sun. The west quarter with its class differences is falling behind, and in the end it is not the Tegernsee with its prime residential areas on the water waiting for us, but only a large pond without residents, but with many small bays between reeds. Two people on their bikes on the way to the lake, that's all.

Everything else is unimportant at this moment. The origin, the upbringing, the career you intend to make or not, the brand of shoes and travel plans for a big, well-educated maybe when you should find a suitable time for both. Just two cyclists in nature, like everyone else, it's a simple joy and everyone who comes towards you seems to experience it that way. Everyone is also allowed to go to the lake, something you only learn to appreciate when you live in an area where access is partially denied despite the Bavarian constitution to the contrary. One could almost become socially romantic and be happy about the freedom from any classes and boundaries that separate everywhere, only here, by the lake, not on Saturday, everyone can, no one has to, and everyone only has the surface of the bath towel as their borrowed one Possession.

You just look for your place, there is enough for everyone, some like it with the hustle and bustle, others don't want to be disturbed, the lake has enough to offer everyone, almost like an ideal company. You lie down, you read, you don't harm anyone, the sun is shining for everyone, and so you could of course come up with ideas like: More general property. Maybe also: More equal opportunities. If everyone can go to the lake, why shouldn't everyone be able to be rich or educated? Theoretically, it is already working now, but you can see everywhere that the state is degenerating into an oligarchy, you mock the climber and ignore the middle class fears that it will be like 1929 again. In the following summers there were also many people here by the lake who could no longer pay for their apartments and who camped out here; that was less beautiful, and it should stay the way it is.

In addition, this unbearable arrogance that one sometimes feels for members of other classes: what is the difference between us? Everyone has their own prejudices, everyone wants to claim their own peculiarities, but here at the lake you can see that things are going very well on the lowest level of well-being, the water is warm as a stream, and, kindly, everyone does not comply with the rule in the alluvial forest to grill. Live, let live, your own conceit about your own traditional education are left behind just like the lower golf of the others at the parking lot. Every now and then someone walks by, everyone is satisfied, bathers, cyclists, and oh, some stop there too. On the way behind the 20 meter wide bay, next to which there is another one. They have transport trailers on their wheels, unload a tent, and then a maybe 18-year-old comes to the sea and sets up his fishing rods less than half a meter from my towel, with a high-tech aluminum frame, and throws his lead into the water right next to me.

He, he lets me know with a grin, now plans to stay here all weekend and fish right here, he also does not plan to go away, because he has d'Fisch ogfuadad and we could swim, he doesn't care, he would then just throw it over us. With what right? Well, nobody at all, of course, swimming and fishing are both allowed here, but it is a beautiful bay and he obviously intends to stay here with his friend. He smirks from the folding chair he has put in the way and smokes. They obviously think it's their lake. And that we disturb.

It doesn't take a lot of imagination how these people imagine life here, because they have everything with them that they think you need for a pleasant evening: a hackl to kill fish, plastic chairs, their ridiculous Gameboy fishing, lots of beer and probably also some laughs when they tell how the leader here cleaned the lake of others. Bold, inconsiderate, without false modesty or any hint of politeness. I don't know if all the members of the Gerolfing fishing club are like that. Maybe it's the sport, the parents, the TV consumption, the shift, I don't know.

But I know that every single one of us in the Westviertel would have had massive problems if we had ever behaved like them, to judge by the active vocabulary, members of the not very best circles. Over the buzz of the spokes back home, I really have to try to tell myself that there were still a few very nice hours at the lake, that not everyone is like that, that they can't help it - no, I can't do that again . Of course they can do something for it. And of course I am glad that there are rules, real estate prices, social ostracism and inequality of opportunity that ensure that I normally only deal with people who at least have to hide their badness, if it is there. That there is an awareness of what you do and what you don't. Arrogance as a concept of life is in any case a simple solution to all questions of social injustice, and how easily, how easily one could imagine these anglers at every opportunity and think: should they pay more taxes if they can afford such fishing rods. If they should work until 75, then they don't bother as nasty early retirees. You have to work on yourself to move all of this away. It is not easy, it is as difficult as the summer day before was beautiful.

But down in the lake the catfish drifts along and dreams of an angler's corpse, swollen, purple and soft as butter.

Keywords: rearing, elite, predators, class struggle from above, Tegernsee, tradition
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The school of arrogance

From Don Alphonso

One likes to give oneself to social utopianism in better circles - well isolated and in preferred residential areas - and think about whether it is really fair in this world and whether those who are even richer than oneself no longer contribute to justice should. After visiting a pond in Gerolfing, an insignificant village near the small town of Ingolstadt in a pretty but retrograde region called Upper Bavaria, the answer is very clear: No.

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