How to Find a Quality CPA

Holistic evaluation of the campaign performance

Evaluate and optimize your cross-media campaign in digital and classic media 

The efficient use of every single euro of your advertising budget requires an accurate measurement to evaluate the performance of your campaign in all channels. Online channels in particular continue to gain in importance within the media mix. As a result, the budget allocation for online and offline media has to be constantly reassessed. GfK Campaign Performance Analysis offers you exactly the insight you need to maximize all elements of your marketing mix and answers, among other things. following question:

  • Total range: What overall reach was generated by my campaign?
  • Holistic performance report single source: What reach and contact frequency did TV, print, online (including mobile) and social media contribute to the total reach?
  • Incrementality: Which incremental ranges could be achieved with cross-media campaigns through individual channels?
  • Targeting quality: Did the campaign reach my target group and how high were the wastage per channel?
  • Customer loyalty and acquisition: Did the campaign reach the most valuable buyers of my or my competitor's brand?
  • Campaign efficiency: How well was the budget distributed across the individual channels?
  • Look at upcoming campaigns: Can I increase the campaign's impact in order to achieve my goals even better?

Optimize digital touchpoints, adapt your media strategy and evaluate the advertising impact

GfK Campaign Performance Analysis is based on data from GfK Crossmedia Link, a single-source panel for measuring advertising contacts across channels and devices. We measure cross-media contacts with your campaign and link them not only with quantitative and qualitative target group information, but also with product purchases in industries such as FMCG, entertainment or retail. In order to be able to compare the individual campaign channels for future optimization, we report uniform KPIs for each individual channel, e.g. net reach, OTS, GRP, cost per GRP.