Everyone finds his one

It is said that everyone at some point will find a person or thing that will take a long time to find him or her or the search.

Use feature (s) #

In the corpus documents, the proverb often occurs in connection with the topic of 'partnership'. There is a context of usage here with the saying "like and like to join". [Receipt 4] [Receipt 5] [Receipt 6]

In certain corpus documents, the saying is expressed that for every object or thing a suitable owner or operator can be found at some point. [Document 7] [Document 8]

Typical use in text #

In the corpus documents, the proverb rarely appears as a separate sentence. The proverb is mainly introduced by connectors of different types or embedded in various types of sentence constructions.
[Document 13] [Document 14] [Document 15] [Document 16]

Supporting documents#

[Document 1] (section meaning (s)):

Of course there is a happy ending, and every Jack has his Jill : Gretel gets her lover, the mayor gets the seamstress and even for the good maid Zensi he finds the right companion in Knecht Michl. RHZ02 / APR.22190 Rhein-Zeitung, April 29, 2002; Hearty humor and hearty dialogues

[Document 2] (section meaning (s)):

Designing airplanes or helicopters, management positions in Frankfurt or Fukuoka - hardly any other industry offers university graduates such a diverse field of work as aviation. "With us finds actually every pot one cover ", says Pablo Salame Fischer, Head of Personnel Marketing at the aviation group EADS .. RHZ04 / MAY.16757 Rhein-Zeitung, May 18, 2004; There are academics in the aviation industry ...

[Document 3] (section meaning (s)):

"Rehmsen - the contact show" introduces people who want to find people for heart, brain, hobby or Hawaii [...] for fun, games, excitement or spaetzle. "Rehmsen - the contact show" is a resourceful ARD talk, because here finds the Pot its lid [...]. E96 / JAN.00831 Zürcher Tagesanzeiger, January 8th, 1996, p. 52, section: Culture; TV tips

[Document 4] (Section use-specific feature (s)):

When hearts come together A genre on the rise: in pairing shows every pot has its lid . T92 / FEB.04969 the daily newspaper, 02/06/1992, p. 19; When hearts come together

[Document 5] (Section use feature (s)):

Personal contact is very important when it comes to mediation. Computer switching is "out". According to the experts, only very few are immediate, " every pot finds someday the right one cover . "People who are just hoping for a sexual adventure or who are just out for money have a hard time. Through personal contact with customers, the agents can usually quickly identify who has dishonest intentions. RHZ96 / OKT.14587 Rhein-Zeitung , 23.10.1996; Young, single, looking for ... his "little cap"

[Document 6] (Section use feature (s)):

Are there even perfect people? "With their theory about" relationship boxes ", Carmen Wulz and Tanja Zwantschko presented the audience with the excessive expectations that are set within a partnership." They say yes, every pot finds one cover , "explained the two members of the rural youth Pustritz," but it can also be too big or too small. "K97 / APR.25536 Kleine Zeitung, 04/05/1997, section: Völkermarkt; Not on the mouth, the youth

[Document 7] (Section use-specific feature (s)):

It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved aristocratic castles in Brandenburg, but because it is very large and not easy to get to, it is difficult to get hold of. "It is an incredible effort", says Uwe Stemmler from TGL, "the right one cover to the pot "Say the appropriate gentleman or mistress to the castle Find . T96 / JUL. 33510 die tageszeitung, 07/27/1996, p. 27, section: Berliner Thema; A dream of a castle

[Document 8] (Section use-specific feature (s)):

Even in future-oriented or "trendy" professions such as hairdresser, plumbing mechanic, electronics technician or carpenter, the district is looking for several trainees. "The number of vacancies is high compared to the last few years," says Gerhard Schlau. Far from it every pot a suitable one cover found often has to do with the inadequate qualifications of school leavers. RHZ08 / JUL. 23385 Rhein-Zeitung, July 28, 2008; Relaxed situation on the trainee market

[Document 9] (Section Variants - Shape Variants):

So that the dialect collection doesn't get too dry, Will has added idioms and sayings [...] to some Köppern expressions, even readers who are unfamiliar with the [...] idiom can translate almost without any problems. [...] for example [...] the saying " Every pot has its lid "to expose [...]. R98 / OCT. 85955 Frankfurter Rundschau, 27.10.1998, p. 1, section: LOKAL-RUNDSCHAU; home historian August Will dedicated a dictionary / setting language island to" Köpperner Edelhessisch "

[Document 10] (Section Variants - Shape Variants):

" Every pot finds its own matching cover "says an old proverb. And everyone who is looking for a partner will find the right one. With the" Zwei im Mai "campaign," Willkommen Österreich "[...] has so far contributed very successfully to this search. O96 / MAY .55308 Neue Kronen-Zeitung, 29.05.1996, p. 60; The lid for every pot

[Document 11] (Section Variants - Shape Variants):

For every pot the right one cover - The mediators of the Kreuzlingen day family association have to do that Find . Although you have a pretty good feel for what is human, enough care places should be available everywhere, says Sabine Böhm. A08 / MAY.00356 St. Galler Tagblatt, May 2nd, 2008, p. 47; Almost like in your own family

[Document 12] (Section Variants - Replacement of Components):

There is order on this comedy stage. Everything has its place: sofa, table, chair, stove, sink; every pot finds one cover . B01 / AUG.67774 Berliner Zeitung, August 31, 2001; People don't squint for gags [p. 12]

[Document 13] (section Typical use in the text):

"Rehmsen - the contact show" introduces people who want to find people for their hearts, brains, hobbies or Hawaii, from kitchens, corporations, department stores or Kleinkleckersdorf, for fun, games, excitement or spaetzle. "Rehmsen - the contact show" is a resourceful ARD talk, because here finds the Pot its lid [...] E96 / JAN.00831 Zürcher Tagesanzeiger, January 8th, 1996, p. 52, section: Culture; TV tips

[Document 14] (section Typical use in the text):

In order to choose the right ones, father and son hire the women for a probationary period. The marriage candidates clean, make dinner and argue for what they're worth. But in the end every pot has its lid . RHZ02 / APR.06546 Rhein-Zeitung, April 9, 2002; The women's duel raged on the farm

[Document 15] (section Typical use in the text):

The IHK in Karlsruhe also sees its quota fulfilled. According to the head of the training pact project group there, [...] there are 500 additional training positions on offer, 300 were specified in the pact. "I'll eat a broomstick if we don't achieve the goals of the training pact - although it is of course always problematic to find the right one cover for the right one pot to Find ", said Stößer. M04 / SEP.61702 Mannheimer Morgen, 07.09.2004; Employers believe in the pact

[Document 16] (section Typical use in the text):

And couples are not the only beneficiaries of the wide range of [...] offers, with atmospheric singles courses you quickly find the right one cover to the pot found . M95 / 509.15953 Mannheimer Morgen, 09/30/1995; The dancing legs swing again

[Document 17] (Free document):

The university is a quality class A marriage market - if you don't strike it, you have little hope of a life in intimate togetherness after graduation, the shrewd conclusion. taz insider tip for sexually frustrated bookworms: The Internet portal Elitepartner.de, the name already suggests, Find also graduated Pots one cover . T08 / MAR.00102 the daily newspaper, March 1st, 2008, p. 14; STUDY OF THE WEEK

[Document 18] (Free document):

So far still has each pot has its lid and every executive chair found its boss. So you don't have to worry. Nevertheless, German cities are currently struggling to find directors for their theaters. B99 / NOV.00315 Berliner Zeitung, November 19, 1999; It is probed again [p. 11]

[Document 19] (Free document):

"I don't like hats." That is a sentence that Karen Rohrer, who has owned “Hut & Nadel - Hats and caps, patchwork and quilts”, often hears for twelve years. True to the motto «For every pot a cover »And not according to the motto« A hat like a lid », you can find the right hat for every head. If you want to. Because wearing a hat is above all a matter of attitude, wearing a hat takes - at the beginning - courage, says Karen Rohrer. A08 / SEP.06453 St. Galler Tagblatt, September 20, 2008, p. 51; Courage to wear a hat

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