My best friend has a crush on me

My best friend is in love with me :-(

Hi girls!
I'm just finished and hope you can help me. My best friend, with whom I can really share everything and to whom I could always confide everything and to whom I cried out about all the men, just confessed his feelings for me. Now I am completely confused. And I have a mega guilty conscience, because I always texted him with things about the guy I'm on the date, etc.
He told me that nothing would change for him and that I shouldn't worry that everything would be okay with him. But I have the feeling that something has just broken between us, from now on I'll always look at him with different eyes :-(. I'm so scared of losing my best friend, but how can I talk to him about everything now, when I know that he likes me and would like to be with me?
I don't even know what to do with him now. He did mean that nothing would change for him, but could you just continue as before? Doesn't that have to hurt him? I don't want to hurt him either.
Have you been in a similar situation before and can you help me? How should I behave now? Just continue as before? I don't want to lose him :-(
Greetings and thank you in advance

can understand that you feel stupid.
It was certainly not easy for him to reveal his feelings to you.
I think you should behave towards him as you always do, after all, he emphasized that it was more or less okay for him and that "nothing would change for him" ?!
Of course, this will all be a bit difficult for him because he just seems to be in love with you.
However, I also believe that the good friendship with you is incredibly important to him. He shows that just by his non-demanding posture, and that he is trying to suppress his feelings, so to speak. I think that it would be particularly bad for him if he saw that your friendship was breaking - then he would no longer have you as a "buddy-friend". that would surely hit him most of all!
I don't know him, so I can't judge whether he can handle himself well and is disciplined enough, and just to stay strong enough. but as you have described, it makes this look at first.

should you notice that he is acting "strangely" and changing his behavior towards you, it could be that he is not able to cope with the situation after all. then you should definitely seek a conversation with him ... then there would definitely be a need for action.

Unfortunately I know that too. We are no longer friends today. But it wasn't his fault, it was mine! Because I didn't know how to deal with the situation. So it is best to behave towards him as you always do, do not change your behavior, that would only make the topic present again and again and it does not get any better.

I hope you are luckier than me = (

My best friend has loved me for nine years, I can only tell you - as difficult as it is for you, try not to think about it and carry on as before. This is best for you and your friendship. It works wonderfully for us.

Thank you very much! (:
Yes, at first I won't talk to him about men either, although that's a shame because he always had the best tips ... but I would have a bad conscience for that and would have the feeling that he would suffer if he did have to listen to me: /. I hope it works, just continue as before. The mood between us is still kind of tense. Hopefully that will come back :-(

You can't just go on as before and ignore his feelings for you ... that goes wrong ... that always went wrong with me ... what always means ... 3 times something went wrong with me, the first time Did it go terribly wrong - but that doesn't belong here ...
If you meet up and you want to talk to him about how he's doing and how he's feeling, do so! Tell him what you want. Just because you feel like you can tell him everything doesn't mean you have to tell him everything! And he should know that too!
My best friend also says to me sometimes: "Can't you be my girlfriend?" With a very loving smile, but it never feels like we're tense and I know that he loves his girlfriend ... I always fear that his or my feelings about our friendship could change !
I wish you all the best and that you manage to stay friends ...
"Time determines what really remains. And most of the time it is right - time" E. Kästner

think about it .. he has to cope with it for a long time..not much changes for him unless you currently have no boyfriend and you would imagine trying with him .. i mean you have the ideal basis of relationship, trust is there, On the emotional level, there are certain things that are right, because you have certainly endured a lot together .. especially if you have the same interests, it is ideal ..

i got together with my boyfriend .. he was and still is my best friend, in july it will be 4 years since we were together and we have been living together for over 1 years ..

otherwise you have to try to make him fall out of love with you;)

I was in the same situation once and the friendship lasted!
I would not tell him about other men or not text him with it .. you can mention it, but do not torment him with exact stories. Otherwise I would be acting totally normal.